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Marian Keyes

A good friend of mine recommended I read Marian Keyes for some fun light reading. I had never read Marian Keyes' stuff before. She's hilarious!

Marian Keyes is an Irish Chick Lit author and her writing is so enjoyable. I'm reading "This Charming Man" right now and it makes me laugh out loud. (yes another LOL read) Give

Get spooked by Fiction!

Not a fan of horror fiction? It's the perfect time of year to give it a try!! Check out

Be Spooked by Fiction!

Not a horror fiction fan? It's the perfect time of year to give it a try! Check out some tried and true horror writers and get spooked!!

Give the gift of reading!

There are few gifts that can have such a lasting impact on a child's future as the gift of books or magazines. Encourage friends and relatives to give books and magazines as gifts. If you participate in the London Public Library's Book For Every Child ® campaign, you can share your love of reading with a child from a home with no books.

Reiki - Level One

Join Master Teacher Deborah Carter on Saturday, November 15th to begin your Reiki journey. This is a full day workshop, offered here at London Public Library at half the price you will see it elsewhere. 1st degree graduates are attuned and taught how to give treatments to themselves and others, as well as their pets. Learn the first phase of this gentle restorative healing technique. Signup now - space is limited.

Your right to downgrade!

It seems almost unbelievable in the ugrade everything age in which we live but "downgrading" from Windows Vista to Windows XP is a growing phenomena.  Many customers that are purchasing new PC operating systems (now preinstalled with Vista) are asking the retailer to uninstall the Vista operating system and install Windows XP to their new computer. The orignial deadline for the cessation of this practice has been extended by Microsoft from January 31, 2009 to July 31, 2009.  Contrary to how it sounds "downgrading" is not the opposite of "upgrading&quo

Having a baby?

News of a baby on the way is often exciting news. Our family is delighted that we will have a new arrival in March. My niece and her husband have hired a doula. Not everyone has access or wants a midwife and a doula is the next best thing. Doulas are professionally trained and certified to work in hospitals. The doula provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother throughout labour and delivery. She also makes two home visits before and after the birth.


Benefits of the presence of a doula include:

Make it a regular family outing!

Visiting the Library regularly as a family reinforces the importance of reading. It is also important to set aside enough time for each visit so everyone can browse the shelves for interesting books, magazines, movies and music. If children are allowed to find reading material that interests them, they are more likely to read.

Chick Lit websites

Did you know we have some great chick lit websites at your disposal? If you are in our catalogue just highlight "My Reading Room", cursor down and click on the 'Chick Lit' genre. Here you will find some fun chick lit websites that can help you find your next great read. Here is a sampling:


Candy Covered Books

Chick Lit Books

Crouch and East London History

Originally known as Southeast branch, Crouch traces its origins back to 1922 when it first resided in a neighbourhood store and also in the basement of the nearby Trafalgar Public School.