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Green Smoothies

book cover image Are you trying to lose weight? Try Green Smoothies! Does it sound like yet one more miraculous diet?

Crouch Library Goes to the St. Julien Park Community Festival

       The 12th annual St. Julien Park Community Festival was held Saturday, September 20th.  The theme was "celebrating our talented community" and was organized by the Hamilton Road Community Association, the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre and the City of London.  Crouch branch staff, numerous East London businesses, cultural organizations and community groups gathered for a fun day to enjoy displays, activities, crafts and local entertainment.

Computer Safety

Living with technology can be fraught with frustrations and one of the biggest ones is keeping yourself and your computer safe from viruses, hackers and the growing number on online con artists.  A new addition to the London Public Library collection is a book called CrimeWare: understanding new attacks and defenses which gives an account of the rise of online criminal attacks and it helps you understand these attacks and

Holy holidays, Batman!

Ever wonder what Hanukkah is really all about? Or Ramadan? Should Christmas be a national holiday?

Make learning fun!

The first step to reading is having fun with words.

Sing songs with your child. Try making up new words to an old favourite and the sillier the better.


The machine that changed the world

Have you ever wondered about the first computers, where they were located and who used them?

Tomato Time

Yum! One of my favourite things about late summer and early autumn is that it's tomato-time!

2008 Scotiabank Giller Prize Nominee

The Retreat  opens in Kenora, Ontario in 1973. Raymond Seymour, a young native man, has just been dropped off and left to die on a remote island by a local cop. His crime? Dating the white cop's niece.

The Upside of Social Networking

So, about six months ago, one of the facebook groups that I'm in ("Brad Meltzer is the next John Grisham") was left without an admin when the person who created the group left it.  Somehow I was asked to take over the duties and I said yes.  For those who may not have heard of him, Brad Meltzer is the best-selling author of

Paranormal Romances - The vampire edition

Vampire romances have become one of my guilty reading pleasures.  And they are not hard to find anymore.  If you like one title, there are often many more in the series for you to enjoy. 

Here are a few of the most recent titles by my favourite authors:

book cover image 

Dark possession by Christine Feehan

Carpathian males gradually lose all colour and emotion from their lives,