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lplstaff's blog

Reading outside the box

I enjoy reading fiction. I’ve dipped into a variety of genres over the years, like science fiction, romance, mystery. But my favourite is general fiction or contemporary fiction, as it’s often noted. As it happens recently, I heard a lot of buzz about a book called Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert . When I realized that it was a non-fiction, I thought well, it’s not for me. Then I spotted it on our Quick Pick shelf and I read the fly leaf. It sounded really good!

Tired of yo-yo dieting?

As we all know there are hundreds and hundreds of diet books promoting various diets that range from healthy meal plans, to ones that are nothing but a fad and soon disappear and even some that may be dangerous to your health.  All these diets lead to weight loss but often for only a short time. For most people the weight comes back on and frequently even more is gained. Doctors actually say that yo-yo dieting is more harmful than being moderately overwieght but maintaining that weight.


Thoughts from an (inexpert) knitter

I lapsed in my occasional attempts at knitting for years after moving out from home, but I recently started taking it up again.  I quickly discovered, though, that without my mom's expertise sitting across the couch to walk me through the patterns, I was frequently in trouble.

Career Portfolios

A great tool for developing your career, which is gaining popularity, is the career portfolio. A career portfolio is an evolving collection of documents showing your professional development, work history, qualifications and accomplishments. It can be used both as a self-marketing tool and as a personal reminder of your progress over time.

Spring Cleaning - From the inside out

A new take on an old chore.


Feeling sluggish?  Thrilled with spring, but not so thrilled with your winter weight?  Ever consider how much extra "baggage" you might be carrying in the form of environmental toxins, leftover medication residue, heavy metals, pesticides...? 

How to Get Published

If you dream of becoming a published author, this is the workshop for you! We’ll cover everything from getting started to getting an agent. Also you’ll learn how to write an opening and a query letter. Find out what makes a book sell and learn all the steps to getting your book published. Bring 4 copies of the opening page of your manuscript (250 words max) or a draft of your query letter for group discussion. The cost is $40 and registration has already begun! Interested?

Not Just for Children

     The Mennyms by Sylvia Waugh is a novel written for children, presumably.  But like any fine children's novel, or indeed any fine novel at all, The Mennyms defies and redefines its genre.  I suspect that its author, a retired British schoolteacher, sat down and wrote her book without any idea of aiming it squarely at a specific audience:  The story is too quirky and compelling for that kind of calculation. 

Doing Our Part

My daughter has the honour of being born on April 22nd, Earth Day. It is the one day each year when I am reminded that we are all responsible for the care of our great planet and I need to start getting serious about it. Recycling and composting are very much a part of our lives in 2008 and Tryit recycling in London does their part by offering Compost Value Day. For just a few dollars you can purchase mulch for your garden that is made up of city materials composted throughout the year.

All That Jazz...

A summer wind blew into the Wolf Performance Hall this week. The London Jazz Orchestra delighted concert-goers with many Big Band, Swing and Jazz favourites, including Frank Sinatra's Summer Wind (sung by 18 year old Tony de Luca).  Dont miss their next show! The 18 piece stage band, under the direction of Ralph de Luca, will be performing at the Wortley Roadhouse on Thursday, June 12. Show time is 8 p.m.

How to pick an MP3 Player

Recently, we got a request from a customer who wanted us to recommend an MP3 player for her to buy for her mother. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend commercial products. However, since we do offer a downloadable audiobook service that most people use with an MP3 player, it makes sense for us to help people find a player that will meet their needs.


What is an MP3 player?