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"Chill Out"- The Law of Attraction in Action - Inspirational Films@Central

Come and enjoy first part of the episode 4 of the Law of Attraction in Action- "Chill Out" on Wednesday, March 17 at 7 pm in the Wolf Performance Hall. Join Ester Hicks, the voice of the Non-Physical entity Abraham, for teachings on manifesting your desires, weight loss, prison, marijuana, relationships, love and more.

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On Friday, February 26, 2010 the Library's Employment Resource Centre's staff hosted a very successful 9th Annual Forum, "The New World of Job Searching" at the Westmount Branch Library.  This year's focus was on the impact that new technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are having on 21st century job searches, and provided an excellent professional development opportunity for employees from the many agencies in and around London that offer much needed support to job seekers.

Fan Fiction

Recently I was able to attend a seminar about genres in fiction. It was an interesting session. One of the emerging genres that was discussed was called "fan fiction". This is the latest craze in fiction writing. Wikipedia defines fan fiction as : "a broadly defined term for fan labour regarding stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work."  When I did a little digging I found that the library has had lots of fan fiction all along. You may have heard of the

Organic Farming

Do you ever find yourself wondering if organic products are worth the extra cost? Would you be more willing to pay that cost if the label "organically grown" was required to meet certain standards and practices to meet certification requirements?

For myself, ever mindful of my eco footprint, I would like to know if organically grown produce is actually better for the environment.

BodyTalk Therapy

Join us for a lecture and presentation on BodyTalk on Thursday, March 4 in Stevenson & Hunt room A at 7pm.

Enjoying Mango(s)

Retirement is the perfect time to sit and eat Mangos while you watch the snow fall through a frosted window pane. It is also an excellent time to begin learning the basics of a new language. Motivation can be as recent as your new plans to travel to a foreign country or fulfilling a goal that you set aside until you had more time.  London Public Library's subscription to Mango Languages allows you to meet these goals through a fun, easy and interactive lanugage learning tool.

Be yourself - stand out

There are many things a person needs to take into consideration when applying for a job. Being unique and standing out the from  the rest is an excellent way to bring your resume to the top of the pile.

As you have been told a million times, "you are unique." Well, this "unique factor" could give you an edge and help you find a job. It could be your ability to complete physically demanding jobs, knowning a different language, previous experience working for a certain big company, volunteering experience, playing sports, being a computer nerd, etc. The list goes on...

Networking is essential in finding a job you like

It always amazes me how people can find a job when they are not even looking for it. I have encountered many cases when, while echanging information, patrons have informed others about employment opportunities which have not been advertised online nor in the newspapers. Other times, I have seen ads posted in store fronts, restaurants, etc. looking for employees. Many times, it is through an innocent chat, that we get to the topic of "did you know..."

Michelangelo:The Artist,the Man and His Times

Michelangelo: the artist, the man and his times  is a recently published biography book cover imageof one of the greatest artists of all time. Not only was he an exceptionally gifted sculptor, painter, architect and poet, but he was also an aristocrat who believed in the noble origins of his family. If you enjoy reading biography, this engaging and wonderfully illustrated text will appeal to you.


Green Jobs Now?

Do you have questions about the future of green jobs in the London and Middlesex area? Join us Tuesday, February 16 from 10 am to 2 pm for our Green Jobs forum and learn more about green innovators, educational opportunities and green job creation. Participants include: Solcan, Green Infrastructure Inc., Ontario Ministry of the Environment, City of London, Lambton College, University of Guelph, Canadian Centre for Environmental Education and Fanshawe College.