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Andrew Davidson's "The Gargoyle"

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson is one that passed by my desk over the summer. It got smashing reviews and I haven't had a chance to read it. It's definitely on my  list. Have you read it? Let me know if

Career Week: Imagine the Possibilities November 16 - 21, 2009

London Public Library's Employment Resource Centres are offering you a chance to explore a variety of career prospects. Visit the ERCs the week of November 16 - 21, 2009 where you can discover information, resources and websites that are available to assist you make those career and educational decisions for planning your career path.

Special Displays:

Paris 1919

Margaret MacMillan's book "Paris 1919" recounts the peace negotiations that took place at the end of World War 1.  Instead of establishing everlasting world peace as was thought, many of our global problems today can be traced back to those few crucial months. 

A mind bender ...

This is a novel I picked up because of its cover. Have you noticed lately how amazing novel covers are getting? Clearly, with all the e-communications out there, audio books, Kindles etc. publishers know that book covers are very important. They need to be eye-catching.

Ready for adventure?

Colin and Julie Angus, both writers and adventurers have published exciting Book Cover Imagetravel narratives that have taken them to the Amazon, across the Atlantic in a rowboat and to Mongolia.  Their newest publication, Rowed Trip:From Scotland to Syria by Oar  tests

Our Veterans

Numerous books have been written about the returning veterans from World War 11, but a new publication by Thomas Childers, Soldier From the War Returning book cover imageoffers a different perspective.  This historian tells the story of three families, including his own that shatte

Writing for the Silver Screen

When watching a good movie, I become so engrossed by the characters and the plot unfolding that I certainly don't think about the creative writing that produced that storyline.  Writing screenplays is a specialized art form, involving an understanding of both dialogue and visual elements to tell the story. 

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is the growing phenomena of combining your vacation with a wanted or needed medical procedure. Travelling overseas for dental, cosmetic and medical care can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Knowing where to go for which procedure, who to trust and what to watch out for can save you even more. Before travelling be sure to check out the new Medical Tourism Travel Guide available at London Public Library. 

Af Soomaali

The library has just received the first dozen or so adult books in the Somali language.  To see what these books are, you can do a call number search in our catalog using "Som" for the search.

The books are located in the Central Library on the second floor in the section called "World Languages".