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Security! Security!

60 years ago in March, 1952, the Policy and Personnel Committee of the London Public Library Board made the following recommendation:

that commissionaries be appointed and installed at a desk in the main lobby [of the Central Library]:

a.  to check all outgoing books, films, parcels, pictures. records, etc, to avoid losses and borrowing books without charging them [out]

b.  to act as building directors

c.  to check on undesirable transients in lobby and library divisions

d.  to check bags, parcels, etc.

World's Oldest Baseball Diamond

The 2009 edition of the Guiness World Records featured the following new record under the heading of Sports-Baseball - Oldest Field (p. 191):

book cover image"The oldest baseball diamond is Labatt Park in London, Ontario, Canada which was established in 1877 and hosts baseball games to the present day."

There was controversy over this record.