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mlrstaff's blog

Looking Up

book cover image The Gratitude Diaries

One New Year's Eve, journalist Janice Kaplan made a promise to be grateful, no matter what happens.

Civil War Nurses

book cover image Mercy Street

Abraham Lincoln wasn't the only hero of the U.S. Civil War.

Mist and Mystery

book cover image Hebrides

What have the Hebrides to do with a best selling sleuth? Quite a lot, in fact.

The Sweep of History

book cover image Introducing the Ancient Greeks

Can ancient history sweep us off our feet? The Daily Telegraph seems to think so.

Merciful Shepherd

book cover image The Name of God is Mercy

When Pope Francis visits a prison, his first thought is "Why them and not me? I should be in here."

Downton's Dame

book cover image Maggie Smith

"What is a weekend?" Only Maggie Smith could ask that question and not look foolish.


book cover image Geography of Genius

Do postal codes determine destiny?

Humble Beginnings

book cover image Lincoln

David Herbert Donald's Lincoln is an original portrait.

Fallible Fidel

book cover image Castro

As the USA gets friendlier with Cuba, one graphic novel tries to portray Fidel Castro, warts and all.

Canada 365

book cover image Canada 365

Every day tells a story.  Every one of these stories is Canadian.