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slstaff's blog

Flirting with Jane Austen and company

book cover imageIf you're a Jane Austen fan, then dip into 'Flirting with Pride & Prejudice: Fresh Perspectives on the Original Chick Lit Masterpiece' and read how other devotees of 'Pride and Prejudice'  toss around a variety of attitudes and points of view about this

The Uncommon Reader

book cover imageIn this year of the Queen's Jubilee, have you ever wondered whether the Queen, after conscientiously performing her duties, ever kicks back and relaxes by reading a good book?  Just as we had no idea, until the Olympic opening ceremonies, that the Queen had taken up sky diving,  we have also been kept in the dark about her literary tastes!

For a whimsical, wryly humorous scenario of what might happ

Finding the Words

book cover imageWords are the writer's only tools.  But the challenge is to find the right words: to shape, refine, and convey the desired meaning and precise flavour for a paragraph, essay or story.  Here are a trio of books that explore the writer's struggle to use language as an effective and powerful means of communication.  Judge for yourself

Poetry - How Cheesy Is It?

book cover imagePoetry doesn't appeal to everyone, but I think that it's like cheese - you need to taste a number of different types in order to find the ones that suit your own tastebuds!

Freedom to Read Week Feb 26 - March 3

book cover imageHow much do you take for granted the freedoms and liberties we enjoy as part of our daily lives here in Canada?  Newly arrived on our shelves is the powerful "No Enemies, No Hatred: Selected Essays and Poems" of Liu Xiaobo, the 2010 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Great Expectations for Charles Dickens' Birthday

Cover image of Dickens biography

As part of the bicentenary celebrations of Dickens' birth on February 7, 1812, come and enjoy an entertaining theatrical production of Dickens' appealing "Great Expectations". 

The Writer's Life

What's it like to be a writer?  How does writing impact your job, family, marriage or other personal relationships?  book cover image Here are some new books which give a peek inside the intriguing lives of some writers who, through their words, made an impact on the world around them.

The Use and Abuse of Literature

Is technology hastening the decline of reading?  Does our mass, popular culture mean the end of literature? book cover image What's the use of reading literature in our digit

Celebrate National Poetry Month

book cover imageThe Exile Book of Poetry in Translation: 20 Canadian Poets Take on the World.  Here's a book to tantalize your poetic tastes, combining both the poetic talents of home-grown Canadian poets and those of international reputation.

Creative Writing Tips from an Expert

If you are interested in advice and feedback on your own creative writing efforts, take advantage of a free program, Creative Writing Tips & Blue Pencil Editing by the Humber School for Writers, on Saturday, April 2, 2011, 10:30 am-12 noon at the Central Library in Stevenson & Hunt Room A.