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Starting and Running a Business

Poison paychecks? Read this.

Do you dread going to work every day and dealing with people who drive you crazy? Are you surrounded by vicious backstabbers, sneaky idea stealers, lazy whiners, nitpicky control freaks, and negative pessimists? Welcome to the Toxic Workplace-a not-so-rare condition that has reached epidemic proportions.

The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World

With more than 500 million active users (and half a billion total) and a recently released movie, it sometimes seems like Facebook is everywhere. Not bad for a program originally meant as a collaborative online directory for Harvard students. The story of how

Small biz success starts here

Thinking of starting up your own business? On Thursday, September 9 come to the Central branch Stevenson & Hunt Room (7-8.30 p.m.) and let business librarian Mark Richardson show you trusted library tools - from Statistics Canada publications to "how to" bestsellers - that tell budding entrepreneurs learn what they need to know.

Government grants for business? Buyer beware.

Three cheers for CBC News. In a recent item, our national broadcaster exposed a long-standing "scam"; that is, websites which trumpet government grants for business. What's wrong with that, you ask?

Startup your engines ...

Looking for a new start ? If becoming an entrepreneur is on your horizon, you may want to check out one of our 46 brand new books on small business startups from Entrepreneur Press.

The HST and thee

Wondering about the HST? Fear not, Jeremy is coming. Jeremy Bertrand is a Tax Advisory Specialist with the Ministry of Revenue and on May 20 will show how Ontario's Harmonized Sales Tax is going to work.  He will also highlight details of the HST transitional rules and the wind-down of the PST.  His talk is co-sponsored with the London Small Business Centre. 

Greening Up Your Business

Greening Up your business is an environmentally responsible action and it shows your customers that you  have the right attitude toward protecting the planet. If you are starting up a business and want to create a sustainable business model or have a business and want to manage your companies carbon footprint we have just the book for you.

infoCanada for business

database logoWe just got a tool that could make a big difference in your business research. The infoCanada business database is now available via the Information Databases list under the green Research button on our website.  How good is it? Find phone-verified information on almost every company in Canada. Search criteria

CBCA spells success!

You know a resource is good when library staff just use the acronym.  At London Public Library, we use the Micromedia Proquest database Canadian Business & Current Affairs (CBCA) almost every day; it's current, informative and easy to use.  And with a valid library card, you can use CBCA from home, too.  So, are you researching a Canadian company?

2006 Census: looking for customers

Starting a new business? Ambition, energy and dreams can only get you so far. At some point, you need facts,  especially data to help you locate potential customers.  Do you know where in London to find single-parent families with incomes between $50,000-$100,000?  Have the numbers of work-at-home women increased in your district? What are the major non-official languages spoken in East London?