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Rain, Reading and Faraway Places

Today's morning news, with talk of flooding in London during this (so far!) strangely mild January, reminded me of the wonderful book "The Knowledge of Water" by Sarah Smith.   I decided to share the word about this book, and some of the other memorable books I've read over the past year.    book cover image"The Knowledge of Water" is set in Paris, France, during the great flood 1910 - the year the Seine overflowed its banks, causing havoc and devastation in the great city.

Fun For Kids (and Parents too!)

I've been thinking a lot lately about that big hockey fight that happened recently at a tournament in Guelph.  You may have heard about it.  Two teams of eight year old boys playing.  A brawl ensues on the ice, followed by a second one in the stands, as parents of the two teams started throwing around both insults and punches.  This is wrong in so many ways it's difficult to list them all.  First and foremost, a situation like this undermines the very nature of why kids play hockey (or for that matter, any other organized sport).

Armchair Travel: A Great Way to Go

As the weather starts to cool and we look toward frosty dark evenings to entertain ourselves, there are some great books you might like to cuddle up with. They will take you to warm and sunny places and let you travel the world without leaving your living room. I recommend you cuddle into a cosy chair, bring along a drink, and start your adventure. Enjoy!

Do you like knitting?

I always enjoy greeting the people who drop in to the Central Library on Wednesday mornings to participate in our  free “Knitters Helping Knitters” program which runs from 10am to noon, every Wednesday until December 12th.

London Rocks!

We have a vibrant live music scene here in the Forest City, and I’d like to introduce you some of our own talented musicians. You can check out their CD’s here at the library, and if you like what you hear, check them out live around town!


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