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Download latest magazine issues and watch movies online!

There’s nothing like reading a magazine at the beach or watching a great flick on a stormy afternoon at the cottage.  The Library is launching two exciting new products that will help you do just that - Zinio and Indieflix.  

Soccer...the game's afoot

book cover image

Soccer is a great spectator sport and a fun game to play for guys and gals of all ages.  If you're looking for

Lightning doesn't strike twice

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Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same spot - so the saying goes. 

Making an Impression; designing and creating artful stamps

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Stamping is a craft with timeless appeal which can be used for decorating everything from paper to fabrics.

Cycle London and beyond

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It won't be long now before cycling weather will be here. If you want to make sure your bicycle is in top shape,


book cover imageWhen I think of origami projects I usually have visions of traditional cranes and flowers.  In this recent addition entitled
Unit Polyhedoron Origami  however, the author offers an unusual approach to the craft "based on assembling separate, multi-dimensional shapes into one structure".

Winter hiking and camping

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If you enjoy camping and hiking experiences in all seasons especially winter it looks like there's still time to don the red woolies for another outing.  The Library's selection of snow camping titles is available here.  

Out of Africa 2013 - Quilts from Africa

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If you are interested in quilts and quilting and Black History please join us on Monday February 4th at 7 pm in the Stevenson & Hunt Room of the Central Library. 

Personal fitness resolve

book cover imageWhat's the most oft stated New Year's resolution we hear ubiquitously at the beginning of every January?  Well next to I'm not going to spend so much next Xmas it's probably a version of I'm going to get fit, exercise more, get in shape and stay in shape!  Oh I'm wheezing already and my calves are cramping up at the very thought of subjecting my body to regular exercise.  Take heart.  It doesn't have to