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Travel, Sports and Hobbies

Paralympic Games

book cover imageDid you know that the Paralympic Games is the second largest multi-sport festival on earth?  In this rather short book (172p) author Ian Brittain provides a comprehensive overview of this mega-sport movement and its importance to the world of international competition for physically challenged athletes.  Further reading on the Paralympic Games and sports for people with disabilities is available here.

Hockey Night in Canada

book cover image

Greetings hockey fans from coast to coast.  As you wait for the NHL to settle a contract  agreement  this season here's a brand new title , Hockey Night in Canada: 60 seasons, to leaf through while

The little trophy that could ...

100 Grey Cups book cover image




No, it's not the Super Bowl. And it's not the Stanley Cup. But, darn it, it may be the most Canadian of all trophies.

Chess - What's your gambit?

The preface to The Oxford Companion to Chess, 1984 ed. states, "No game has surpassed chess in the extent to which it has commanded a following in all countries of the known world for many centuries.

Live Longer and stronger

Peter Spiers's new book Master Class : living longer, stronger and happier is filled with practical advice for baby boomers so they can take command of their lives and experience unprecedented happiness and longevity in retirement.  This book will help you make the right choices for sucessful aging and guide you with

Knitters Helping Knitters

book cover imageKnitters Helping Knitters
Are you a knitter or hoping to learn how or just in need of some knitting advice?
Do you like the idea of joining other knitters in a social setting every week?

Summer Olympics 2012 London Links

The XXX games of the Olympiad take place in London, England from July 27 to August 12. The daily schedule, event results and athletes' profiles are available at the CTV website.  Canada is

And the beat goes on ...

They lived in a van during their 1968 journey across eleven countries. David and Ann McColl Lindsay's trek through Scotland, England and Spain was detailed in Hungry Hearts, their first book.

I forget the title but...

it was a really good book.  I got lost in it.  I think it was red, or maybe blue.  If you have ever drawn a blank when trying to remember the title of a book you are not alone.  It happens to all of us. The good news is that it is actually quite easy for you to recover the title of a book you have read when you create a reading list through your library account. 

All about Bikes





Do you need 33 gears on  your bike to be a "serious" cyclist?  Do you need to spend an extra $2,000 to buy a 15 pound bicycle versus saving the money and buying a 25 pound bicycle.