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'Fair' Weather

Here we are ... day six of the Western Fair, and we the weather just couldn't be better! So far, exactly zero days of rain. I'm told at this time last year during the Fair, it had rained just about every day. Eight out of ten days got rain, according to the authority in the nearby Elephant Ears booth.


Man's Best Friend

I LOVE my dogs!  Molly and Betty are long-haired, miniature Dachshunds and they are the cutest, funniest, best puppies in the world.  Maybe I'm a little bit biased, but I don't care.  Any dog lover out there will understand where I'm coming from.


I am my Family

     Chilean/Canadian photographer Rafael Goldchain whose parents immigrated to Chile before the start of the Second World War, describes his family history as one "defined by exile".

Cycling 101

According to the Highway Traffic Act a bicycle is a vehicle and when you are riding one you are a driver and may be fined for failing to observe and practice the rules of the road.  With your free library card borrow Bike Safety material to review with your children and be sure to visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation online cycling guide to review hand signals, bike handling

Sports galore

Hello there sports fans.  It seems at this time of the year there's no end to the channel surfing entertainment we can pick from to get our daily sports fix.  The Stanley Cup playoffs are down to the final four teams vying for a shot at Lord Stanley's hallowed mug.  Check out the Naional Hockey League's website at for your updates.  If Basketball is your game the conference finals are underway and the go to website for the NBA is  How a

Angels and Demons - Fact and Fiction

Preview the sites of Rome that appear in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, about to appear on the big screen.  Much of the action takes place in or near four famous churches where the words "earth&qu

Barbie at "50"!

Were you one of the children who spent countless make-believe hours playing with your "Barbie" doll ? 

Well guess what -- Barbie   just turned 50 years old.

"Introduced at a toy fair in New York City on March 9, 1959 as a teenage fashion model", the original Barbie cost $3.00.  Over the years she

Bird Watching

Remarkable birds can be discovered just by looking out the window or by going for a stroll in the park. To help identify some of the more unusual birds you see take a copy of the National Geographic or Sibley field guide to the birds of Eastern North America or one of many other bird identifying books available at the library.

Summer Cottages

Thinking about a summer holiday close to home? Interested in a vacation rental? Check out the spring issue of The Cottage Directory on the 3rd floor. It contains coloured photographs, contact information, prices and thorough descriptions. Their website also contains similar details.

Messages from the Departed

Psychic Medium Angie Aristone has been bringing people together with loved ones from the other side for over seven years, garnering a dedicated following of private clients, both in London and around the world. Holding degrees in both Anthropology and Art history, as well as being a certified clinical Hypnotherapist, Angie brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her readings. She is also a regular guest speaker at Kings College. Thursday, March 5th - 7:00 pm, Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library