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What does your carbon footprint look like?

Melting polar ice caps and catastrophic climate change that occurs almost simultaneously around the world are the most obvious signs that our climate is changing and threatening our very existence.

London is the place for live music!

Congratulations to Call the Office and Aeolian Hall.  Both venues have earned a spot in the Top 20 Live Music Clubs in Canada.   Way to go!!

The voting continues.  Sign up to CBC Radio 3's website and vote for your favourite each and every day until a winner is announced!

Why Evolution?

Charles Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species" has become the foundation of biological studies and his theory of natural selection is the basis of evolutionary theory. He provides a brilliant

Creative Collage

Did you know that the word "collage" comes from the French verb "coller" which means "to glue"?

This very popular medium is  easily accessible to craft lovers and artists of all ages and skill levels.  You can use newspaper clippings, ribbons, gift wrap, photographs or anything else that appeals to your creative instincts.

Annual Craft Shows in Ontario

Annual Craft Shows in Ontario
 , a publication put together by the Ontario Crafts Council lists hundreds of craft shows taking place across our province thoughout the year.  The listings are organized chronologically by month.  There are also indices by the date the show opens, by show name, or by city/town if for example you are looking to see what shows are available in London and area.

The guide is also useful for  craftspeople and emerging artists looking to show their work.  Each entry offers contact information, website addresses, application details, fees, etc.

Annual Craft Shows in Ontario is available to consult in

Counting Your Clo's

Counting "clo's" is not related to your diet. In 1941 a "clo" was established as the unit of measure that rated the insulating value of the clothes you wear.

Crouch Library Goes to the St. Julien Park Community Festival

       The 12th annual St. Julien Park Community Festival was held Saturday, September 20th.  The theme was "celebrating our talented community" and was organized by the Hamilton Road Community Association, the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre and the City of London.  Crouch branch staff, numerous East London businesses, cultural organizations and community groups gathered for a fun day to enjoy displays, activities, crafts and local entertainment.

Lost in Translation


Are you looking to add some International Flavour to your reading, but are getting lost in translation?  Our Catalogue can help!  To find fiction books from a certain country simply choose Word to search the catalogue, and type in Spanish - fiction, and up pops all our Spanish material, in translation for you!  You can do this with any language/country and start your very own Foreign Languages reading.  If you have

Great Big Sea Coming to London

Great Big Sea will wash over the Western Fair September 9.  If you won't get the chance to see them, check out their 2006 CD release, Courage Patience, and Grit, which includes a DVD of the celtic rockers.


Cabbagetown House Tour

Do you love looking at old houses? I have gone to the annual Cabbagetown House Tour in Toronto a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Most of them have been renovated and redecorated - some have even been gutted and completely redone. Many have beautiful gardens and lots of trees. I always find a home or two that are well suited to my taste and I  come home feeling quite envious! This year is the 30th anniversary of the tour so I expect it will be extra special.  All profits are donated to charity.


Here is the official website: