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What Happened to Zinio?

Users of the Zinio for Libraries app were recently asked to switch to the RB Digital app.  However, many users have found the new app less reliable.  The good news is that RB Digital is aware of the problems there was an update on October 16th to help address the issues.  Please ensure that you have the latest app and operating system on your device.  Any continued problems should be reported to

Many thanks from your digital services team!

From A cappella to Zacateca Indians

And everything in between.  If you can think of the subject or the question you can find the information you need and the answer to your questions in this most amazing database MasterFILEPremier.

Mango Languages

What is Mango Languages?

Mango Languages is an online language-learning system that teaches actual conversation skills for 12 different languages. In some instances it can also be used as an ESL learning tool. It's so easy to use and you'll see incredible results after just one lesson! It is the place to go to have fun while learning a foreign language.

hebrew main mango screen

Mango Languages

Choose courses in over 70 different languages with this online language learning system.

All about Research Pro

What is Research Pro?

The Library subscribes to many information databases which contain magazine , academic journal and newspaper articles, and in some cases, encyclopedia articles. These are all reputable articles which have gone through an editorial process and in most cases were published in print as well.

What do these 3 questions have in common?

"How do I build a suspension bridge?", "How many people paid income tax in Ontario last year" and "Can you recommend other authors who write like Meg Cabot?"

These are all questions we've answered through our askON virtual reference service. Quicker than sending an email, you can now ask us a question and we’ll help you with the answer simply by typing in a chat box on our website.

Stumbling around the library

I remember, when attending university for my first degree, going to the library on campus to conduct research and being completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of materials they had there. Needing articles from academic journals for research papers, I would stroll the stacks of bound journals, picking them up randomly to read table of contents and eventually finding something "close enough" to useful. I spent hours of wasted time trolling for information I needed.


Have you ever tried "googling" your research subject, and have been perplexed by the results?  Does the mere plethora of choice boggle the mind?  I recently stubbled upon a free web site that's trying to make sense out of online resources, one subject at a time.  It's called intute!


The King Street Mural Project

From September 15 -28, 2007, a group of Master Muralists from Argentina and three from Vancouver came to London to paint a monumental scale mural in the brick tunnel on King Street on the north side of Citi Plaza where the Central Library is located.

The concept was conceived by members of La Raza Group, “an art collective dating back to the 1980s interested in the public and social dimensions of art in the urban landscape”.

Is that an intaglio or a lithograph?

I first became interested in prints and printmaking when I worked at the Landon Branch Library. Landon regularly displays art exhibits featuring the work of students taught by a local artist at the BealArt program.