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Good Vibrations

book cover image The Naked Voice

Each one of us has a song to sing. Not everyone gets to sing it.

Doubling Downton

Downton Abbey Season 6

Second Screening tickets now available

Power Surge

book cover image Car Wars

This could be Big Oil's big headache.

The Lion In Winter

book cover image Where I Am

As his earthly vision dims, his heavenly message continues.

Stepping Forward

book cover image Princess

What is life like, now, for women in Saudi Arabia?

The Maid of Orleans

book cover image Joan of Arc

The young woman who united France defeated enemies both internal and external. 

Between The Crosses

book cover image In Flanders' Fields

Canada's perennial poem, written in 1915.

Davies' Diary

book cover image A Celtic Temperament

He never tweeted, trust me.

Flappers, anyone?

book cover image 1920

Everybody loves the Twenties, or at least we think we do.

Oh, the Humanities!

book cover image In Defense of a Liberal Education

Is this going to be on the exam?