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Life Support

book cover image The Great Reformer

At 21, the future Pope Francis nearly died from a lung disease. It shaped him.

The Grand Inquisitor

book cover image Paiken and the Premiers

Premiers we have known, by someone we know. 

C'est magnifique!

book cover image Napoleon: a life

He was a new kind of tyrant. He created a new kind of France.

Under The Radar

book image cover The Wright Brothers

Their first flight didn't even make the daily news.

Canada 2.0

book cover image A Time Such As There Never Was Before

We became a new kind of nation.

It's a girl!

book cover image Life: The Royal Family

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. There was a lot of speculation over who would be fourth in line to the throne, not to mention the new playmate for George Alexander Louis.

A house divided

The great struggle

President Abraham Lincoln's phrase "a house divided" described the United States in 1861 on the eve of  the American Civil War. 

Little White Lies

book cover image Coco Chanel

She did more than create the little black dress. She invented her past.

The Reign in Spain

book cover image Isabella : Warrior Queen

Viva Isabella! 

Cool Britannia

book cover image The People's Songs

Who rules the waves of modern music?