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Cathedral upheaval

book cover image The Last Divine Office

What was it like to be on the losing side of the English Reformation? Henry VIII's reforms meant upheaval, or worse, especially for the monks and nuns of one of his country's great priories.

BBC delivers

book cover image The Life and Times of Call The Midwife

"Call the Midwife" had the highest-rated new drama launch in the history of the BBC. Now, it has taken Canadian audiences by storm, following its premier on PBS in the Fall of 2012. 

Good queen. Bad queen.

book cover image Mary Tudor

“Bloody Mary”  sent archbishop Cranmer to the flames in 1556, to be sure. But a new book says there was more to Mary Tudor than merely religious zeal.

No hard feelings

book cover image Flight of the Eagle

He may not like its justice system, but Conrad Black still gives high marks to America the nation. Already a biographer of U.S. presidents, Black has written a new book in praise of the USA.

June is National Aboriginal History Month!

In 2010, June was declared National Aboriginal History Month. During this month, 

London calling: June 4

book cover image Canada and the end of the Imperial Dream

Can you guess who is standing next to Winston Churchill? (Hint: it's not Mackenzie King.) Don't feel badly: as time passes, fewer Canadians are able to recognise even Churchill.

1812: a joint effort

book cover image 1812: a traveler's guide

If only we had worked this closely two hundred years ago. National Geographic has just published the official U.S. National Park Service and Parks Canada guide to the War of 1812.

Richard III talk: May 18

book cover image Richard III and the Bosworth campaign

The bones found under a Leicester, England car park intrigued the world. We now know they belong to Richard III, thanks in large part to the DNA of the Ibsen family of London, Ontario.

Women of Intelligence

book cover image Women of Intelligence

In World War Two, a Victorian mansion in the heart of England was headquarters for the Allied Central Interpretation Unit.

Mr. Selfridge

book cover image Shopping, Seduction and Mr. Selfridge

Harry Gordon Selfridge was a charismatic American from Chicago. He rose from