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Lady Astor, MP

book cover image Nancy the life of Lady Astor

Margaret Thatcher was not Britain's first female MP, only its most famous. In 1919, Nancy Astor became the first woman in the House of Commons. Like Maggie, she was not a typical feminist.

Remembering Maggie

book cover image Margaret Thatcher: a trrbute in words and pictures

"U-turn if you want to," she taunted her critics in 1980 "the Lady's not for turning." Her supporters loved her for it.

A (long) Life in Letters

book cover image A Life In Letters

What ho, Jeeves! Did you know P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975) may have had the longest career of any professional writer in history?

Propaganda? Nyet !

book cover image Russia: a history

Writing and, sometimes, reading Russian history used to mean sifting through a mound of Kremlin "spin". Now, Russia : a history cuts through the myths.

R.B. by P.B.

book cover image In Search of R.B. Bennett

He wasn't our most popular Prime Minister.  To make matters worse, R.B. Bennett (1870-1947) destroyed his correspondence every seven years, enough to turn off any biographer.

If St. Patrick were a foodie ...

book cover image real irish food... he would have eaten this one up. He might have said a few un-Christian things about our so-called “Irish food”, too.

Movie-making greatness

book cover image Lincoln: a cinematic and historical companionLincoln, the movie was destined for greatness. Now it has a 'making of' companion book which might be great in its own way.



Jane Austen, baseball writer

book cover image Jane's Fame

It's hard to imagine Jane Austen lugging a 30 lb. Olivetti up the steps of Yankee Stadium. Still, the first pages of Northanger Abbey do refer to baseball.

Drive less. See more.


book cover image And Did Those Feet Visitors can’t walk five yards in Britain and Ireland without tripping over something historic.

However, many take the car, so they miss the landmarks.



An ineffable mystery

book cover image The Quest of the Historical JesusLent began on Sunday, February 17. However, it's not too late to prepare for Easter. One way would be to read the recently re-published edition of Albert Schweitzer's The Quest of the Historical Jesus.