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A Porous Border : book talk

On Tuesday, February 12 (7pm) at the Central branch library, author and broadcast journalist Al McGregor talks about his debut novel: A Porous Border: a novel of Canada and the American Civil War.

On The Map

book cover image On The MapSimon Garfield’s Just My Type illuminated the world of fonts. Now Garfield takes on a subject even dearer to our fanatical human hearts: maps.


London's Pontifex

book cover image My Heart's Best Wishes For YouPontifex is Latin for 'a builder of bridges' and London's Roman Catholic bishop John Walsh (1838-1898) was all of that.

Motown no mo'

book cover image Detroit City is the place to beCan we learn from a near neighbour? Only a few hours west of London, Detroit City is also the USA's greatest urban failure. Yet, it has managed to turn an "end of days" scenario into a laboratory for the future.

"Them" and Us.

book cover image Below Stairs"We always called them 'Them', says Margaret Powell of her upper class employers. The 1920s kitchen maid turned author was bitter about the injustice of her situation.

A skeptic in transition

book cover image Proof of HeavenHe thought he knew better. Dr. Eben Alexander appreciated that near-death experiences (NDEs) felt real to his patients. Yet, they were "simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress".

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Custard

book cover image Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brulee"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created hungry." That's what the Declaration of Independence should have said.

An American lens

book cover image Imagining Canada 



How do they see us in the Big Apple?

Imagining Canada is a photographic tour through Canada's history as seen through the lens of The New York Times.

Ackroyd on England

foundation book cover image





Does Peter Ackroyd ever sleep? We have twenty-four of his non-fiction books, and counting.