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I sense a mini-series ...

During the war, Churchill's daughter, Mary - now Mary Soames, nearly 90 - served as a gunner in the women’s auxiliary.  She helped shoot down the German V-1 rockets then bedeviling London.

Tea with Shakespeare: a time for seniors

A performing actor at this year's Stratford Shakespeare Festival is coming for tea, along with the festival's director of education, Andrea Jackson. Read more details.  Find out what life is like

Our Ireland

Southwestern Ontario is more Irish than I had realized. Village names such as Birr, Tyrconnell and Clandeboye, for example, are direct imports from the emerald isle. The same applies to family names like Cronyn, Patterson and, most famously, Donnelly.

Tut-tut !

I'm so ashamed. The best-known Tutankhamun tour was held in London, England in 1972. More than 1.6 million visitors came, some queuing for up to eight hours. I had promised my mother I would go, but one look at the crowd sent me running the other way. Yet, for years, whenever Mom asked me about the Tut exhibit I would say “it was great”, never having got closer than the British Museum tube station. Is there a cure for guilt?

1812 books, DVDs & talks

War of 1812 Book Cover Image





The library has 1812 covered. For example, Anchor Canada brought together Pierre Berton's two groundbreaking works on the subject and we've got them both in one volume.

What's in a name?

Would a rose by any other name smell just as sweet?

Diamond Jubilee: two talks

Tired of hiding your loyalty under a Hudson's Bay blanket? John Fraser's The Secret of the Crown is a sprightly look at Canada's almost clandestine love affair with the monarchy. If you really want to show your colours, however, come to the Central branch May 31 at 7pm when Canon David Bowyer (St. John's Anglican, Cambridge) will look at the Royal Arms of Canada and other symbols of sovereignty.

Followers and leaders

What do you get when you put a Presbyterian, a Methodist and a Congregationalist in the same room? In 1925, at least, you get the birth of the United Church of Canada. From its inception, the United Church set out to become the national church of Canada, and this new history tells the story of what is now our largest Protestant denomination.

The (other) Londoners

Craig Taylor is an expert listener. In his new book Londoners, a portrait of the English capital's chatty citizens, he never intrudes as an interviewer. The New York Times calls the book a “master class in self-effacing journalism." But then, Taylor is Canadian.

Downton Abbey: worth the wait

In one episode of Downton Abbey, Lord Grantham says "we all have chapters we would rather keep unpublished.”  True, but we’re happy to recommend The World of Downton Abbey, the companion volume to the hit ITV series. And we mean "hit".