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From refugee to GG

She's come a long way. In this revealing personal inquiry, former governor general Adrienne Clarkson explores the immigrant experience through the people who have helped transform Canada.

Ignorance is not Bliss

One of Canada's best-known biographers turns to the raw material of his own life in Writing History.  Michael Bliss has been a prolific scholar

The Swerve: it all began at the library

Nearly six hundred years ago, an alert man in his late thirties took a very old manuscript off a library shelf. Only he knew what he had discovered.

ZigZag: one heroic bounder

The movie cannot be better than this. The most remarkable double agent of World War II, Eddie Chapman was witty, handsome, and charming.

More than a bystander





Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney was engaged in history.

What's in a name?

Quite a bit, actually. Would "Fred" Obama have quite the same ring to it?

M. & Mme. Canada

Few Canadian couples, if any, have had as lasting an influence as Georges and Pauline Vanier.

Grow your British family tree

If your family tree has roots that extend "across the pond", Grow Your Own Family Tree might be just the book for you.

Got mittens?

Winter isn't far away, so why not prepare by cuddling up with a good book?

Avast there, booklubbers!

One man fought the real pirates of the Caribbean. Sea captain, privateer, and colonial governor, Woodes Rogers was one of the eighteenth century's boldest characters. Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean is the definitive account of his incredible life.