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Philip before the HRH

He wasn't always married, you know.

Abe Lincoln vs. Queen Victoria?

It almost happened. In A World on Fire, acclaimed historian Amanda Foreman follows her New York Times bestseller Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire with the story of the American Civil War,

It's Kate, mate!

Who is the fairest of them all? Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton is living a perfect Cinderella fairy tale, having won the heart of Britain's most desirable bachelor, Prince William. Now she's winning the hearts of just about every other Briton, not to mention a few Canadians.

Jumbo: the untold story

Jumbo was a superstar of the Victorian era before his tragic death in St. Thomas, Ontario on September 15, 1885.  Every day tens of thousands of people would visit him, “the Children’s Pet” at the London (England) Zoo. When P.T. Barnum purchased him for his Greatest Show on Earth, Jumbo’s transport to the U.S. made headlines for weeks. His name became an adjective for oversized things, and half a century after his death he was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Dumbo. But fame comes at a price.

Did you love "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society"?

Fans of "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society" often come to the library and ask about extra information on the the German occupation of the Channel Islands during World War II.  FInally, we have a book that answers that need.  Filled with personal stories of love affairs between island women and German soldiers, resistance efforts,  feats of courage and some photographs, this book w

War Brides

George Clark's recent piece in the London Free Press on war brides prompted me to think about their stories and to see what our library has on this topic. Here is a list of both fiction and non-fiction. 

Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 11th is "Holocaust Remembrance Day" around the world.  It is a significant opportunity for us to take the time to think about those who fought, suffered and perished during World War ll.  Most of us are familiar with two iconic pieces of literature of that time, Anne Frank's Diary and Elie W

Tecumseh; Local Hero?

There is a movement to establish a monument to the native leader, Tecumseh for this role in battling the Americans during the War of 1812.  He was able to convince the native peoples to become allies with the British troops in order to defend their land.  It is important to recognize the contributions made by Tecumseh and his followers in this region. The library has several books on Tecumseh including some for children.  Two of the more recent titles are

Paris 1919

Margaret MacMillan's book "Paris 1919" recounts the peace negotiations that took place at the end of World War 1.  Instead of establishing everlasting world peace as was thought, many of our global problems today can be traced back to those few crucial months. 


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