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First Nations

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"Canada is Failing History"

That is the title of a recent article that appeared in the Globe and Mail.  The authors feel that we are failing our students and putting our country's future in jeopardy but not offering more compulsory courses in Canadian History at the secondary level.  In Ontario, students are only required to take one course in Canadian History .  Before our students head back to the classroom, this might be a good time to look at some of the interesting titles that the library has and refresh our knowledge on our own country.  Have a look at:

Japanese Canadian Internment

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Soles of the Century-History of Shoes

Join us for the Soles of the Century talk on Wednesday, June 17th at 7pm in the Stevenson & Hunt room in Central Library, to explore the history of shoes with Fanshawe Pioneer Village staff as they discuss the social and historical importance of shoes.For most of human history, footwear has been both a necessity and a luxury worn by all classes within society.

World's Oldest Baseball Diamond

The 2009 edition of the Guiness World Records featured the following new record under the heading of Sports-Baseball - Oldest Field (p. 191):

book cover image"The oldest baseball diamond is Labatt Park in London, Ontario, Canada which was established in 1877 and hosts baseball games to the present day."

There was controversy over this record. 

Excellent Online Canadian History Information

Discover Canada's economic and social past through the people, events and forces that have shaped this vast country.

Now the wealth of data available in Statistics Canada's annual Canada Year Book is available free online in the Canada Year Book Historical Collection. It covers the first century of Canada's history, from 1867-1967, with historical text, tables, charts and maps, supplemented by interconnected learning resources for students and teachers.

Welcome to a new way of looking at our past. 

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Barack Obama & Black History Month

Black History Month - February

Barack Obama, to be inaugurated as the 44th President, may be a keen subject of interest for 'Black History Month' this year. The library has several books about Obama available.  (Some items are in high demand and will require placing holds.)

The Faces of World War I

book cover image
They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Never was that more evident than in this new book by Max Arthur,

Crouch and East London History

Originally known as Southeast branch, Crouch traces its origins back to 1922 when it first resided in a neighbourhood store and also in the basement of the nearby Trafalgar Public School.