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CITY OF WORDS: Toronto Through Her Writers' Eyes

book cover imageHow does a city such as Toronto feed the creative energies of its writers?  What are the locations, moments, and experiences that have caught the writer's fancy and then been reflected in the literature they create?  In City

James Reaney Poetry Soirée

book cover imageOn Tuesday May 25 we're celebrating a remarkable and unique writer, James Reaney.  Not only did he win 3 Governor General's Literary Awards, but his creative writing powers were so versatile that he won those awards in two different literary genres:  Poetry and Dr

The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham

I was a great Somerset Maugham fan in my youth and remember being enthralled by his semi-autobiographical novel Of Human Bondage.

Freedom to Read

freedom to read week poster

What do JD Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, Deborah Ellis's Three Wishes, Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, and Kevin Major's Hold Fast have in common?

Read any Great Literature lately?

Although I read a few of the great classics of literature as part of my schooling, I've always felt a vague sense of guilt that I've neglected (avoided?) reading other classic literary titles. book cover image If you're on the same 'ship of shame' with me, let me tell you about a great book to guide you on your classic Odyssey (pun intended!).

Writing for the Silver Screen

When watching a good movie, I become so engrossed by the characters and the plot unfolding that I certainly don't think about the creative writing that produced that storyline.  Writing screenplays is a specialized art form, involving an understanding of both dialogue and visual elements to tell the story. 

Women & Writing

book cover imageHave you ever wondered about the impact of women writers within our literary tradition?  'A Jury of Her Peers: American Writers

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