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Media Literacy

Media Literacy Week

Media Literacy Week

London Public Library seeks to support the development of Media Literacy skills by highlighting National Media Literacy Week in November.

The week supports young people in developing critical thinking skills to engage media as active and informed digital citizens. For more information see:


Recommended Websites

Media Smarts
Clearinghouse of ideas from the experts at the Media Smarts. Offers teaching units, student handouts and background material for media education from K-12.

Center for Media and Democracy
An American based organization with a mission to promote transparency and an informed debate by exposing corporate spin and government propaganda and by engaging the public in collaborative, fair and accurate reporting.

How to be invisible

book cover image

How to be invisible is probably not the most appropriate title for Jack Luna's new book as a lot of people think the desire become invisible falls with people running from the law or those wanting to avoid getting their names on suspected criminals or associated friends in crime lists.

What's a Twitter?

Book CoverHave you ever wondered what the term "social media" actually means? Want to learn more about social media, or find out how to use it? We're offering a new program that you may be interested in.

Gimme Gimme: A Very Merry Christmas

MediaSmarts, a fantastic Canadian website for all things on Media Literacy, has a great Parent Tip Sheet for parents on how to survive the "Gimme" Season. Parents (and even kids) can feel overwhelmed by all the Christmas consumerism. Help yourself AND your kids by following some simple advice and have yourself a Very Merry Safe Christmas.