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Media Literacy

Missed one of those great CBC documentaries?

Not to worry, the library has lots of them right here on DVD. You can catch up with titles like

Don't Blame the TV

Book Cover According to this article, you can't blame the media for how your child scores in tests. 

Indie Fair Photos

Did you miss this year's Indie Fair?  Check out the photos on the library's Flickr page.

Next year we hope to have a bigger and better fair including live broadcasts from CHRW.

Also, look for zines to start appearing in the library's collection.

Call for Makers of Independent Media

The 5th Annual London Indie Media Fair is scheduled for March 13th.  We want makers of zines, posters, comics, manifestos, blogs, websites, film, photography, silkscreening to show their work.  If are interested in having a table, or for more information, please contact or call 519-661-5100 Ext. 4986.

Deadline to sign up is March 7th.

$5 Registration fee / person.

Is it a Hoax???

It is the year 2010 and we are still not cyberwise.  Don't feel bad though, even journalists who are information professionals can be fooled.  Check out this article from Media Awareness Network.

Media Literacy Week 2009

The library is once again promoting Media Literacy week.  This year's theme is Media Literacy in the Digital Age.  The library will be hosting two amazing events this year.  I hope to see you there! 

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People
Film & Panel Discussion

Astroturf - It isn't what you think....

I thought astroturf was the stuff on the ground at Western's TD Waterhouse Stadium, but I have since learned more...

The Center for Media and Democracy provides a ton of information about Astroturfers and Front Groups. 

Documentaries on USB Sticks

We can get information in so many formats at the library; books, audio books, ebooks, DVDs - we even still have cassettes! 

Staying Safe...

There are a lot of ways to connect with your friends: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogs, Texting, Sexting etc. 

The problem is that once you put information 'out there', anyone can access it. 

Check out these cool videos that teens made about Privacy online.  The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is having a new contest for 2009, create a video and you could win some prizes..

Allied Media Conference

The Allied Media Conference is coming up in June in Detroit.  If you are looking for fresh and fantastic ideas for media literacy or how to create media that makes a difference - this is