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Social Sciences and Humanities

Does He Cheat?

Sterling Anderson and Stephanie Dart  interviewed hundreds of unfaithful men across the country for their book: Does He Cheat?

Abraham's Cafe: Occupy

What has faith to do with the Occupy movement? On Monday, March 26, 7pm at the Central branch library's Stevenson & Hunt Room, Rabbi Debra Dressler (Temple Israel), Dean Bill Danaher (Huron Univ. College) and Dr. Wael Haddara (Muslim Assoc. of Canada) weigh in on this fascinating topic, moderated by Larry Cornies of the London Free Press.

Tim Tebow: yes or no

What's more upsetting, faith or hypocrisy? When the Detroit Lions’ Stephen Tulloch sacked Denver Bronco's Tim Tebow in the first quarter of their week eight matchup, Tulloch kneeled next to the prone Denver quarterback, in a mockery of Tebow’s habit of praying on-field.

Water Water Everywhere and Ne'er a Drop to Drink

Water truly is the Elixir of life.  We are fortunate enough to have clean tap water and can even fuss over which type of bottled water to buy and whether it should contain added vitamins.  Others trudge miles to get a small bucket of water to use for everything.  Many more people drink dirty and contaminated water out of polluted creeks and river beds.   Why the disparity?  Who is responsible?  Who ca

The Need to Believe

Throughout history, throughout all cultures, we can trace the roots and paths of religious and spiritual beliefs and follow their impact, for better or worse, on how, and where, we live our lives. 

Humanity's Dawning Hour

What is the creative destiny of every human soul? At this remarkable time in history, humanity is approaching a doorway leading into a new and golden era.

Gene therapy, anyone!

The age of Epigenetics: the ultimate mystery of inheritance has arrived bringing with it many more things to ponder about our lifestyle.  If you are a smoker not only can your second-hand smoke cause cancer but if you are male and star

Would you believe...

While Maxwell Smart of Get Smart notoriety was never quite able to get his chief to suspend his belief in the credible, Maxwell was not amiss in trying. Belief, by definition, is simply asking someone to accept something as true without having absolute proof. 

"This is the place!"

So said Mormon apostle Brigham Young when he first saw the Salt Lake (Utah) valley, July 24, 1847. Yet, almost every religion has its holy place(s).  At Abraham's Cafe, you get a chance to ask "Where do we feel closest to God? Are some locations really sacred?" with local leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.