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Social Sciences and Humanities

A Jerusalem state of mind

Is Israel a state or a state of mind? When the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70, a handful of visionaries saved Judaism by taking what had been a national religion and turning it into an idea.  Suddenly, Jews no longer needed Jerusalem to be Jews. Wherever a Jew studied the Torah, it seemed, he or she would be in the holy city. But in our own time, Zionists have turned the book back into a temple.

A Pontiff in Peril

Pope Benedict XVI is in danger of losing credibility, some say, thanks to recent scandals concerning his brother.  Perceived political missteps early in his pontificate have not helped his image, either. Yet, his writings suggest a man of enormous sensitivity; and the news agency Zenit provides a positive picture. Perhaps the best - but not infallible - guide is investigating for yourself.

Filthy Lucre: economics for people who hate capitalism

What are the two laws of economics?  Fear and greed, say some. But on CBC Radio's "Sunday Edition", U of T philosopher Joseph Heath tells

Eye Know trivia challenge

photograph of eye spu game boardTrivia buffs, start your engines.  Which London celebrity invented the exciting, new trivia game Eye Know? If you guessed London Free Press editor Paul Berton, you're right.  For bonus points, which two local area high schools will

To Rwanda with love

Nicole Pageau is a true inspiration. In 2004, she transformed her life, by uprooting from Edmonton and going to live in Rwanda. She wanted to help the widows who had survived the Rwandan genocide. Now, almost six years later, Nicole Pageau is still living and working in Rwanda. And every day, helped by faith in God, she is making a difference. Meet her on CBC Radio One’s C'est la vie.

Prorogation made easy

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper decides to prorogue parliament, what does it mean? Do we have to have another election? Do existing bills get dumped? And haven't we been down this road, already? It's easy to be confused.

Forget Dumbledore, bring on Gordon Brown.

J.K. Rowling says she wants Gordon Brown to be in charge. Fortunately for her, he is.

Not festive? There may be a reason.

Before diving under the covers and yelling "Humbug" this year, have a look at Dancing in the Streets: a history of collective joy.  Celebrated author Barbara Ehrenreich says modern society is starved for "the largely ignored and incommu

Art, religion and E.H. Gombrich

"There is really no such thing as Art, there are only artists." With that bold statement, art critic E.H.