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Social Sciences and Humanities

In Obama we trust ...

Sure, he looks cool on Jay Leno, but does he pray? Ever since a video clip of his pastor became presidential election fodder, the faith of Barack Obama has been more than just a private matter.  Author Stephen Mansfield looks at the inner life of the most powerful man on the planet.

Remembering Rwanda

On April 22, 1970 over 20 million Americans participated in a nationwide demonstration that grew out of concern for the environment. Earth Day is now observed annually, worldwide. This new ability for individuals to join collectively on a global basis is unprecedented in history and it is a power we can use to influence national and international politics that affect not just our environment but also the lives of the people with whom we share the planet.

Only a theory? Doing Darwin justice.

Two hundred years ago, in 1809, Charles Darwin was born. In 1859, Darwin published his ground-breaking scientific findings in The Origin of Species. But is evolution only a theory?  Should it be taught in schools?

Abraham's Cafe : if only you knew

Jerusalem is a city of longing in many ways.  Christians, Jews and Muslims, for example, long for peace; while non-believers wish the great faiths of Abraham could learn to co-exist.  So, what do Jews wish Christians knew about the Torah? What do Muslims wish Jews knew about Mohammed? And what do Christians wish others knew about the church?

100 Most-borrowed CDs of 2008

Here they are, the 100 most-borrowed CDs of the year!  To tabulate this list, we added up the circulation for all copies of CDs purchased in 2008 (not necessarily released in '08, but purchased by the library in '08!)


Christian Pop Culture

Raptue Ready book cover imageI had heard the phrase, "the rapture", spoken a few times in the context of religion and faith and had always wondered what it meant. So when I saw the book Rapture Ready!: adventures in the parallel universe of Christian pop culture added to our collection I thought maybe I'd find some answers there. The author, Daniel Radosh, a self-described Humanist Jew,  travels through the American South interviewing people and attending church services, conventions and

Holy holidays, Batman!

Ever wonder what Hanukkah is really all about? Or Ramadan? Should Christmas be a national holiday?


The UN's Statistical Division has a produced a robust, easy-to-use website for global data dissemination.  Whether your topic is on industry, agriculture, employment or eduction, this site is a must:

The Monster of Florence

This is the True Crime title of the summer.   A journalist moves to Tuscany to uncover the Monster of Florence mysteries:  a series of unsolved murders that have been linked to everything including a satanic cult.  What the author discovers is a plot of intrigue

Rowan rules

Rowan Williams, the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury (not Mr. Bean, that would be Rowan Atkinson) has been called "the most important" and "the best" Christian thinker in the West. He is certainly one of the most controversial.