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Library Shorts!

Sad to say, our time with Writer-in-Residence Dave Carley is coming to an end in April.
No one will miss him more than the regular members of the Writers' Group he founded. To commemorate Dave's time at the Library, there will be a special evening of library-themed plays in one night, presented on the Library's 3rd floor. 7-9 pm, Monday, March 16. Don't miss

Big Wins at the Grammys

There were lots of great performances last night on the Grammys:

Vote for Canada's Best Live Music Club

Congratulations to Aeolian Hall and Call the Office----they both made the longlist of Canada's Best Live Music Club.  You now get a chance to vote for them :  Voting ends Feburary 2nd for the Top 20.  Vote for your favourite and help put London on the map!


Adapting with Beverly Cooper ...

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of drama-turging a great number of playwrights, most often in my capacity as script editor at CBC Radio. One of the highlights has been working with Beverley Cooper, a gifted playwright and actress.

Grammys announce nominees

This year's Grammys are on Sunday February 8.  Here are the nominated titles for Album of the Year:


London’s Central Gift…

A recent US study found that Americans (and, presumably, Canadians) are increasingly living in segregated communities. However, the US survey wasn't a study of race - but of political thought. Over the past two decades, Democrats have increasingly begun living with Democrats, Republicans with Republicans. The survey's methodology was quite simple - it studied poll results and noted the growing plurality of one party’s vote over another, district by district.

Notes from Dave: Speed and Violence at the library

My first encounters with a public library were in a slightly more innocent time, but in a much less innocent city. On Saturday mornings, the young boys of Peterborough (or at least those of a reading bent) hopped on their CCM and Raleigh bikes and beat it down to the Carnegie library in the town core. They were unaccompanied and unsupervised by adults; parents in those days did not helicopter their offspring

Top 10 CDs at LPL

Interested in knowing what the most popular (highest hold) CDs are at LPL?  Here is our top ten:


Notes from Dave Carley, our Writer in Residence

One of the most useful things for a playwright during the long process of creating a play is to hear the script spoken aloud by actors. The play, as we hear it in our heads, may be perfect but it’s astonishing how a good reading will reveal the work-in-progress’s imperfections.

Life Beyond Romance

There’s a playwright on the third floor of the London library’s main branch, in the little office right beside the north wall’s study room. That’s just behind the romance novel section, which is cruelly unfair competition for the fella in the office. To find him, the public has to weave around shelves of bodice-ripping sheiks, dissolute heirs and untamed cowboys. Anyone they encounter after that is bound to seem pretty mundane.