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Armchair Travel

Fresh squid heads anyone?

book cover imageMaarten doesn't speak or read Chinese so imagine his surprise when, after ordering a meal in a restaurant by pointing to words he can't read on a menu, the server brings him a tureen loaded with fresh, live squid and some sauces in bowls.

Unbelievably true tale.....

Who hasn't watched the movies where an explorer or adventurer discovers a lost world or civilization? I personally am fascinated by the whole idea that there may still be some untouched or unfound something out there.

Take a journey on a backroad....

Roads to where? Quoz - n. - referring to anything strange, incongruous or peculiar, at it's heart is the unknown, the mysterious. Rhymes with Oz. I've had this book for a little bit now, but it isn't one you want to race through at all. It's a fairly hefty book at 550 pages plus, but you need to stop and savour each and every tale.

Traveling Solo

I recently read about a website that encourages and supports women traveling alone. Whether you are young and single, older and single, there are numerous reasons women choose to travel by themselves. Choosing a safe destination, eating alone, discouraging unwanted attention and paying the extra single supplement

Winter Escape

Now that the midwinter blahs have descended in earnest I have turned for solace to that time-honoured winter escape (for those of us who cannot actually fly away) of armchair travel. With all the prerequisites checked off: snuggled up in my favourite chair, comforter firmly wrapped around me, fire in the hearth,