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The gay revolution

book cover image: the gay revolution

Lillian Faderman's The Gay Revolution : the story of the struggle begins in the 1950's when gays and lesbians were classified as criminals, mentally ill and sinners and when society victimized them with irrational hatred.

Stranger Than We Can Imagine!

book cover image: Stranger than we can imagine: An alternative history of he 20th century

The story of a confusing century that embodied stranger ideas.

The ultimate winter survival handbook

book cover image: the ultimate winter survival

Tim MacWelch is a survival expert and his fourth book The Ultimate Winter Survival handbook : 157 winter tips and tricks brings you everything you need to survive harsh winters and extreme emergencies.

He almost got away

book cover image: That lonely section of hell: the botched investigation of a serial killer who almost got away

I can't admit to having read this book, because I haven't. 

Bill 31, It's in effect

The Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act is now in effect.  The changes to Ontario's Highway Traffic Act include new safety measures for cycling, stiffer penalities for distracted driving and added safety for tow truck drivers.  I'm fine with any deterient that will make road safety a priority for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.  

They thrust the boundaries of knowledge

book cover image: 1001 inventions: the enduring legacy of Muslim Civilization

In the seventh century, as most of Europe continued its descent into intellectualy dormancy, the geniuses of Muslim society thrust the boundaries of knowledge and their innovations shaped civilizations to this day.


book cover image: java: a beginners guide

Bestselling programming author Herb Schildt's new step-by-step tutorial Java: a beginner's guide walks you through the basics

May is National Car Care month

book cover - clueless about cars an easy guide to car repair and maintenance

The month of May is National Car Care month in Canada.  And, rightly so. 

The First Green Wave

book cover image: the first green wave

In 1969, litter was pervasive alongside Ontario's highways, smokestacks belched toxins into the air, and, just across Lake Erie, sludge in the Cuhyahoga River caught fire. 

Artful Secrets...

Book Cover Image - The World of Postsecret

The World of Post Secret