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Murder most ghastly

book cover image: naming Jack the ripper

There is no doubt there is a fascination we have with understanding the working minds of murderers, killers and especially serial killers.

The Cloud Dancer

book cover image Jane's All the World's Aircraft 2011-2012

"Conventional small autogryro configurations, including fixed fin and tailplanes. Rotor Flight Dynamics. Dragonwing rotor and head. Cardan drive and shaft to rotor head." 

J. Paul Getty III

book cover Uncommon Youth

The kidnapping of J. Paul Getty III in 1973 made international headlines.  

Tom's River: a story of science and salvation

Tom's River: A story of science and salvation book cover image

Tom's River: A story of science and salvation  is a masterful story of how corporate interests and corrupt politicians almost turned a quiet suburban New Jersey town into a toxic wasteland.