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Application for the Environmentalist in Residence

General Description:

The Environmentalist in Residence (EnvIR) serves as a citizen expert in the area of grassroots action. They lead engaging, hands-on workshops and offer interactive sessions at London Public Library locations and/or online platforms. The EnvIR shares their knowledge and experience and inspires others to contribute in their own ways, however big or small, alone or with others. This is a "virtual" residency in the sense that the EnvIR does not occupy or take appointments in a physical space.

Offer a Program at the Library


London Public Library welcomes program proposals from the public. Priority is given to programming that inspires learning, sparks curiosity, and connects people. When selecting programs we take into consideration the interests of the local community, the suitability of the library's physical space and how a program will contribute to the library's overall schedule of events and alignment with strategic priorities.