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Locations are open for borrowing & computer use. Visits limited to 2 hours daily. Masks required.
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Holiday Hours 2020

London Public Library Holiday Hours 2020

Thursday, December 24 - All locations except Carson, Glanworth and Lambeth are open from 10am-noon.

Friday, December 25 and Saturday, December 26 - All locations are CLOSED

Thursday, December 31 - All locations except Carson, Glanworth and Lambeth will provide HOLDS PICK UP from 10am-noon.

Friday, January 1 - All locations are CLOSED.

Fine Free

Your Library is now Fine Free!

On November 26, 2020, London Public Library marked 125 years of dedicated library service to our community and celebrated by permanently ending the practice of charging overdue fines!

Winter 2020

Winter Wonder Activity Kits

DECEMBER 21 UPDATE: Due to an amazing response, there are very few Activity Kits remaining.

Book Club in a Bag Discussion Guides

City Symposium Reads

City Symposium: Responsible Consumption and Production

Nov 16 2020

COVID-19 Service Updates

March 1 / Orange Zone Update: London will move into the Orange Zone of the Provincial COVID-19 Framework on Monday, March 1.

The Summer of COVID-19 Zine (11+)

What are you writing or drawing during this pandemic? Share your creative expressions during this singular summer and be part of documenting history. Art, poetry, journal entries, short stories, first chapters welcome. Submissions will be compiled into a publication that will be added to London Public Library’s collection in the fall. Submit online until Friday October 9 using the form below.



Title: All fall down Author:Brabazon, James
All fall down
Brabazon, James
Title: The man who didn't fly Author:Bennett, Margot
The man who didn't fly
Bennett, Margot
Title: The gilded ones Author:Forna, Namina
The gilded ones
Forna, Namina
Title: Stormbreak Author:Parker, Natalie C
Parker, Natalie C
Title: Never far away Author:Koryta, Michael
Never far away
Koryta, Michael
Title: X-Factor. Vol. 1 Author:Williams, Leah (Comic book writer)
X-Factor. Vol. 1
Williams, Leah (Comic book writer)
Title: Magpie Lane Author:Atkins, Lucy
Magpie Lane
Atkins, Lucy
Title: Dryad. vol. 1 Author:Wiebe, Kurtis J
Dryad. vol. 1
Wiebe, Kurtis J
Title: X-Ray Robot Author:Allred, Mike
X-Ray Robot
Allred, Mike
Title: This close to okay : a novel Author:Cross-Smith, Leesa
This close to okay : a novel
Cross-Smith, Leesa
Title: Half broke : a memoir Author:Gaffney, Ginger
Half broke : a memoir
Gaffney, Ginger
Title: How to be an artist Author:Saltz, Jerry
How to be an artist
Saltz, Jerry
Title: Game changer Author:Shusterman, Neal
Game changer
Shusterman, Neal
Title: Winterkeep Author:Cashore, Kristin
Cashore, Kristin
Title: Losing the plot Author:Coleman, Elizabeth
Losing the plot
Coleman, Elizabeth
Title: Universe! [Volume] 1 Author:Monteys
Universe! 1
Title: Walking with ghosts Author:Byrne, Gabriel
Walking with ghosts
Byrne, Gabriel
Title: Blame the dead Author:Ruggero, Ed
Blame the dead
Ruggero, Ed
Title: Angel of Greenwood Author:Pink, Randi
Angel of Greenwood
Pink, Randi
Title: Be dazzled Author:La Sala, Ryan
Be dazzled
La Sala, Ryan
Title: City of villains Author:Laure, Estelle
City of villains
Laure, Estelle
Title: Prodigal son Author:Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
Prodigal son
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
Title: Relentless Author:Greaney, Mark
Greaney, Mark
Title: Pickpocket Author:Spafford-Fitz, Karen
Spafford-Fitz, Karen
Title: Summerwater Author:Moss, Sarah
Moss, Sarah
Title: A town called Solace Author:Lawson, Mary
A town called Solace
Lawson, Mary
Title: Love in English Author:Andreu, Maria E
Love in English
Andreu, Maria E
Title: Written in starlight Author:Iba?ez, Isabel
Written in starlight
Iba?ez, Isabel
Title: You have a match Author:Lord, Emma
You have a match
Lord, Emma
Title: Your corner dark Author:Hall, Desmond
Your corner dark
Hall, Desmond
Title: Being Ram Dass Author:Ram Dass
Being Ram Dass
Ram Dass
Title: Let her lie : a novel Author:Reardon, Bryan
Let her lie : a novel
Reardon, Bryan
Title: Milk fed : a novel Author:Broder, Melissa
Milk fed : a novel
Broder, Melissa
Title: The absolute book Author:Knox, Elizabeth
The absolute book
Knox, Elizabeth
Title: Aftershock Author:Melinek, Judy
Melinek, Judy
Title: Annie and the wolves Author:Romano-Lax, Andromeda
Annie and the wolves
Romano-Lax, Andromeda
Title: Into the light Author:Weber, David
Into the light
Weber, David
Title: No holding back. Author:Foster, Lori
No holding back.
Foster, Lori
Title: Slough House Author:Herron, Mick
Slough House
Herron, Mick
Title: U up? Author:Disabato, Catie
U up?
Disabato, Catie
Title: Hide in place : a novel Author:Naymark, Emilya
Hide in place : a novel
Naymark, Emilya
Title: The Mitford trial Author:Fellowes, Jessica
The Mitford trial
Fellowes, Jessica
Title: My grandmother's braid Author:Bronsky, Alina
My grandmother's braid
Bronsky, Alina
Title: A perfect Amish romance Author:Gray, Shelley Shepard
A perfect Amish romance
Gray, Shelley Shepard
Title: The removed : a novel Author:Hobson, Brandon
The removed : a novel
Hobson, Brandon
Title: The shadow man Author:Fields, Helen
The shadow man
Fields, Helen
Title: Before the ruins : a novel Author:Gosling, Victoria
Before the ruins : a novel
Gosling, Victoria
Title: Shanghai secrets Author:Gentill, Sulari
Shanghai secrets
Gentill, Sulari
Title: Guards! Guards! Author:Pratchett, Terry
Guards! Guards!
Pratchett, Terry
Title: Bone canyon Author:Goldberg, Lee
Bone canyon
Goldberg, Lee
Title: Beauty among ruins : a novel Author:Ciesielski, J'nell
Beauty among ruins : a novel
Ciesielski, J'nell
Title: Too much lip Author:Lucashenko, Melissa
Too much lip
Lucashenko, Melissa
Title: Alaska secrets. Author:Varland, Sarah
Alaska secrets.
Varland, Sarah
Title: Amish country secret. Author:Worth, Lenora
Amish country secret.
Worth, Lenora
Title: An Amish winter. Author:Chapman, Vannetta
An Amish winter.
Chapman, Vannetta
Title: A whisker in the dark. Author:Dobbs, Leighann
A whisker in the dark.
Dobbs, Leighann
Title: Death comes to the rectory Author:Lloyd, Catherine
Death comes to the rectory
Lloyd, Catherine
Title: The fortunate ones Author:Tarkington, Ed
The fortunate ones
Tarkington, Ed
Title: The bride wore black Author:Woolrich, Cornell
The bride wore black
Woolrich, Cornell
Title: A will to kill Author:Raman, R. V
A will to kill
Raman, R. V
Title: One poison pie. Author:Cahoon, Lynn
One poison pie.
Cahoon, Lynn
Title: The shadow Author:Raabe, Melanie
The shadow
Raabe, Melanie
Title: It's in his kiss. Author:Quinn, Julia
It's in his kiss.
Quinn, Julia
Title: The lies you told Author:Tyce, Harriet
The lies you told
Tyce, Harriet
Title: Twice the temptation. Author:James, Silver
Twice the temptation.
James, Silver
Title: Scandal in the VIP suite. Author:Gonzalez, Nadine
Scandal in the VIP suite.
Gonzalez, Nadine
Title: The rancher. Author:Rock, Joanne
The rancher.
Rock, Joanne
Title: The rancher's wager. Author:Yates, Maisey
The rancher's wager.
Yates, Maisey
Title: Cold case reopened. Author:Pi?eiro, Caridad
Cold case reopened.
Pi?eiro, Caridad
Title: Colton's killer pursuit. Author:Quinn, Tara Taylor
Colton's killer pursuit.
Quinn, Tara Taylor
Title: Seducing his secret wife. Author:Covington, Robin
Seducing his secret wife.
Covington, Robin
Title: Running away with the bride. Author:Sasson, Sophia Singh
Running away with the bride.
Sasson, Sophia Singh
Title: The prosecutor. Author:Severn, Nichole
The prosecutor.
Severn, Nichole
Title: The widow's bodyguard. Author:Whiddon, Karen
The widow's bodyguard.
Whiddon, Karen
Title: High-stakes bounty hunter. Author:Di Lorenzo, Melinda
High-stakes bounty hunter.
Di Lorenzo, Melinda
Title: The heir. Author:Rock, Joanne
The heir.
Rock, Joanne
Title: Scandalizing the CEO. Author:Lindsay, Yvonne
Scandalizing the CEO.
Lindsay, Yvonne
Title: SVU surveillance. Author:Lindsey, Julie Anne
SVU surveillance.
Lindsey, Julie Anne
Title: Stalker in the shadows. Author:Cassidy, Carla
Stalker in the shadows.
Cassidy, Carla
Title: His forever Texas rose. Author:Bagwell, Stella
His forever Texas rose.
Bagwell, Stella
Title: An unexpected father. Author:Ferrarella, Marie
An unexpected father.
Ferrarella, Marie
Title: Missing and endangered Author:Jance, Judith A
Missing and endangered
Jance, Judith A

Pick Up Service

Library locations are now open with browsing, borrowing and computer and WiFi use available. Visits, including computer use, limited to 2 hours maximum. Masks and distancing required at all times and other health and safety measures in place. Holds can be picked up inside the Library location of your choice and self-checkout is available.:


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