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The Summer of COVID-19 Zine (11+)

What are you writing or drawing during this pandemic? Share your creative expressions during this singular summer and be part of documenting history. Art, poetry, journal entries, short stories, first chapters welcome. Submissions will be compiled into a publication that will be added to London Public Library’s collection in the fall. Submit online until Friday October 9 using the form below.



Title: Fatal fried rice. Author:Chien, Vivien
Fatal fried rice.
Chien, Vivien
Title: Avalanche Author:Lackey, Mercedes
Lackey, Mercedes
Title: Deep strike Author:Campbell, Rick
Deep strike
Campbell, Rick
Title: Class Author:Colgan, Jenny
Colgan, Jenny
Title: Bruised Author:Boteju, Tanya
Boteju, Tanya
Title: A matter of life and death Author:Margolin, Phillip
A matter of life and death
Margolin, Phillip
Title: No way out Author:Michaels, Fern
No way out
Michaels, Fern
Title: Namesake Author:Young, Adrienne
Young, Adrienne
Title: Mother may I : a novel Author:Jackson, Joshilyn
Mother may I : a novel
Jackson, Joshilyn
Title: The other Emily Author:Koontz, Dean R
The other Emily
Koontz, Dean R
Title: Stung Author:Deverell, William
Deverell, William
Title: Sunflower sisters : a novel Author:Kelly, Martha Hall
Sunflower sisters : a novel
Kelly, Martha Hall
Title: Tell no lies Author:Brennan, Allison
Tell no lies
Brennan, Allison
Title: The mirror season Author:McLemore, Anna-Marie
The mirror season
McLemore, Anna-Marie
Title: Caul baby Author:Jerkins, Morgan
Caul baby
Jerkins, Morgan
Title: Danger in numbers Author:Graham, Heather
Danger in numbers
Graham, Heather
Title: The fall of Koli Author:Carey, M. R
The fall of Koli
Carey, M. R
Title: The house uptown Author:Ginsburg, Melissa
The house uptown
Ginsburg, Melissa
Title: A love like this. Author:Palmer, Diana
A love like this.
Palmer, Diana
Title: Lurkers Author:Tan, Sandi
Tan, Sandi
Title: The water rituals Author:Garc?a S?enz, Eva
The water rituals
Garc?a S?enz, Eva
Title: When I ran away Author:Bannister, Ilona
When I ran away
Bannister, Ilona
Title: The dark heart of Florence Author:Alexander, Tasha
The dark heart of Florence
Alexander, Tasha
Title: The elephant of Belfast Author:Walsh, S. Kirk
The elephant of Belfast
Walsh, S. Kirk
Title: The stills Author:Montgomery, Jess
The stills
Montgomery, Jess
Title: Life's too short Author:Jimenez, Abby
Life's too short
Jimenez, Abby
Title: Northern heist : a novel Author:O'Rawe, Richard
Northern heist : a novel
O'Rawe, Richard
Title: Northern spy Author:Berry, Flynn
Northern spy
Berry, Flynn
Title: Count Author:Moustafa, Ibrahim
Moustafa, Ibrahim
Title: Heaven no Hell Author:DeForge, Michael
Heaven no Hell
DeForge, Michael
Title: The lying year Author:Gelasimov, Andrei
The lying year
Gelasimov, Andrei
Title: A certain hunger : a novel Author:Summers, Chelsea G
A certain hunger : a novel
Summers, Chelsea G
Title: A tapestry of light. Author:Duffy, Kimberly
A tapestry of light.
Duffy, Kimberly
Title: Dead even Author:Ryan, Annelise
Dead even
Ryan, Annelise
Title: The curator's daughter Author:Dobson, Melanie B
The curator's daughter
Dobson, Melanie B
Title: Duchess if you dare Author:Bryant, Anabelle
Duchess if you dare
Bryant, Anabelle
Title: The city of good death : a novel Author:Champaneri, Priyanka
The city of good death : a novel
Champaneri, Priyanka
Title: Lost, found, and forever Author:Schade, Victoria
Lost, found, and forever
Schade, Victoria
Title: Deadly river pursuit. Author:Woodhaven, Heather
Deadly river pursuit.
Woodhaven, Heather
Title: Love of a cowboy. Author:Ryan, Jennifer
Love of a cowboy.
Ryan, Jennifer
Title: Line of sight Author:Queally, James
Line of sight
Queally, James
Title: Dead space Author:Wallace, Kali
Dead space
Wallace, Kali
Title: Coming up for air Author:Tyndall, Nicole B
Coming up for air
Tyndall, Nicole B

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