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Law (Canadian)

Encyclopedias and Reference Books

Canada Department of Justice Website
This is the official Canadian government website dedicated to providing PDFs of the full content of frequently accessed Canadian laws, statutes, amendments, etc. Type in, or find and click on the requested laws, statutes, etc. to obtain a PDF of the full content, with table of contents for quick access.


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Books for math review


Ask Dr. Math
If you have a math question, this is a good place to start. Click on "Ask Dr. Math" under "Student Center".

Inventions & Inventors

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See Biography section under Staff Picks on our Website.

Thomas Edison's Most Famous Inventions

Chemistry & Physics

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In My Community

Nature London
Over 125 years old, this local organization promotes environmental awareness, enhances habitat and protects natural areas.  Members can participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count or the Butterfly Census, among other activities.


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Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
Site of the Authority including the municipality of London. Provides information on local areas of environmental significance, rehabilitation projects, and describes the management, history, geology, plants and wildlife of London and region's natural areas. Lists volunteer and employment opportunities.


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Reference Books: