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We're OPEN! Note: changes to Monday hours at some locations. Proof of vaccine not required to use Library at this time.
September 30 marks the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. The Library will be closed, with programs and reading lists available.
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Nov 16 2020

COVID-19 Service Updates

VACCINATION CERTIFICATES OR PASSPORTS WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO USE THE LIBRARY AT THIS TIME. The Province has not included Public libraries as one of the higher-risk indoor settings that will require patrons to be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination starting on September 22.



Title: Four faces of the moon Author:Strong, Amanda
Four faces of the moon
Strong, Amanda
Title: Slonim Woods 9 : a memoir Author:Levin, Daniel Barban
Slonim Woods 9 : a memoir
Levin, Daniel Barban
Title: Eyes of the forest Author:Henry, April
Eyes of the forest
Henry, April
Title: Suns will rise Author:Brody, Jessica
Suns will rise
Brody, Jessica
Title: Tobyn : The It Girl Author:Woodfolk, Ashley
Tobyn : The It Girl
Woodfolk, Ashley
Title: Forestborn Author:Becker, Elayne Audrey
Becker, Elayne Audrey
Title: Curse of the Man-Thing Author:Orlando, Steve
Curse of the Man-Thing
Orlando, Steve
Title: Maestro. War and pax Author:David, Peter
Maestro. War and pax
David, Peter
Title: The desert prince Author:Brett, Peter V
The desert prince
Brett, Peter V
Title: The exiled fleet Author:Dewes, J. S
The exiled fleet
Dewes, J. S
Title: Malefactor Author:Repino, Robert
Repino, Robert
Title: My heart is a chainsaw Author:Jones, Stephen Graham
My heart is a chainsaw
Jones, Stephen Graham
Title: The butchery Author:Viv?s, Bastien
The butchery
Viv?s, Bastien
Title: Celestia Author:Fior, Manuele
Fior, Manuele
Title: Crash site Author:Cowdry, Nathan
Crash site
Cowdry, Nathan
Title: Operation dragon Author:Groshelle, Bill
Operation dragon
Groshelle, Bill
Title: Borders Author:King, Thomas
King, Thomas
Title: Sink or swim Author:McAdam, Tash
Sink or swim
McAdam, Tash
Title: Blood donor Author:Bass, Karen
Blood donor
Bass, Karen
Title: Tell me Author:Frasier, Anne
Tell me
Frasier, Anne
Title: Behind closed doors Author:Alliott, Catherine
Behind closed doors
Alliott, Catherine
Title: Act cool Author:McSmith, Tobly
Act cool
McSmith, Tobly
Title: Lies like wildfire Author:Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn
Lies like wildfire
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn
Title: Redemptor Author:Ifueko, Jordan
Ifueko, Jordan
Title: Harlem shuffle Author:Whitehead, Colson
Harlem shuffle
Whitehead, Colson
Title: The heron's cry Author:Cleeves, Ann
The heron's cry
Cleeves, Ann
Title: A scone of contention Author:Burdette, Lucy
A scone of contention
Burdette, Lucy
Title: Matrix Author:Groff, Lauren
Groff, Lauren
Title: The inheritance Author:Ross, JoAnn
The inheritance
Ross, JoAnn
Title: The last chance library Author:Sampson, Freya
The last chance library
Sampson, Freya
Title: The singing forest Author:McCormack, Judith
The singing forest
McCormack, Judith
Title: The wisdom of crowds Author:Abercrombie, Joe
The wisdom of crowds
Abercrombie, Joe
Title: The Bloom girls Author:Pine, A. J
The Bloom girls
Pine, A. J
Title: A darker place Author:Amphlett, Rachel
A darker place
Amphlett, Rachel
Title: Her new story Author:Bradford, Laura
Her new story
Bradford, Laura
Title: Light chaser Author:Hamilton, Peter F
Light chaser
Hamilton, Peter F
Title: I'm only wicked with you Author:Long, Julie-Anne
I'm only wicked with you
Long, Julie-Anne
Title: Rizzio Author:Mina, Denise
Mina, Denise
Title: A fire in the night : a novel Author:Swann, Christopher
A fire in the night : a novel
Swann, Christopher
Title: Glorious frazzled beings Author:Lalonde, Ang?lique
Glorious frazzled beings
Lalonde, Ang?lique
Title: L.A. weather Author:Escand?n, Mar?a Amparo
L.A. weather
Escand?n, Mar?a Amparo
Title: The mad women's ball Author:Mas, Victoria
The mad women's ball
Mas, Victoria
Title: Snow country Author:Faulks, Sebastian
Snow country
Faulks, Sebastian
Title: Songbirds : a novel Author:Lefteri, Christy
Songbirds : a novel
Lefteri, Christy
Title: Dust to dust Author:Keown, Audrey
Dust to dust
Keown, Audrey
Title: Miss Lattimore's letter Author:Allain, Suzanne
Miss Lattimore's letter
Allain, Suzanne
Title: Near you Author:Burton, Mary
Near you
Burton, Mary
Title: Tin camp road Author:Airgood, Ellen
Tin camp road
Airgood, Ellen
Title: The brides of London Author:Riley, Vanessa
The brides of London
Riley, Vanessa
Title: A Duke worth fighting for. Author:Britton, Christina
A Duke worth fighting for.
Britton, Christina
Title: Partners in lime. Author:Baker, Bree
Partners in lime.
Baker, Bree
Title: Carved in stone Author:Camden, Elizabeth
Carved in stone
Camden, Elizabeth
Title: Mrs. March : a novel Author:Feito, Virginia
Mrs. March : a novel
Feito, Virginia
Title: The archer Author:Swamy, Shruti
The archer
Swamy, Shruti
Title: Light perpetual : a novel Author:Spufford, Francis
Light perpetual : a novel
Spufford, Francis
Title: Designs on the dead Author:Bernhard, Emilia
Designs on the dead
Bernhard, Emilia
Title: Murder by the bookend Author:Black, Laura Gail
Murder by the bookend
Black, Laura Gail
Title: Crooked in his ways Author:Goodwin, S. M
Crooked in his ways
Goodwin, S. M
Title: In every mirror she's Black : a novel Author:Akinmade-Akerstr?m, Lola
In every mirror she's Black : a novel
Akinmade-Akerstr?m, Lola
Title: Magic's promise. Author:Lackey, Mercedes
Magic's promise.
Lackey, Mercedes
Title: Wildwood whispers Author:Reece, Willa
Wildwood whispers
Reece, Willa

Pick Up Service

Library locations are now open with browsing, borrowing and computer and WiFi use available. Visits, including computer use, limited to 2 hours maximum. Masks and distancing required at all times and other health and safety measures in place. Holds can be picked up inside the Library location of your choice and self-checkout is available.:


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