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Starting Jan 18, all locations except Carson, Glanworth & Lambeth are OPEN for borrowing and computer use starting Jan 18. Visits limited to 60 minutes max. Masks & distancing required

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Nov 16 2020

COVID-19 Service Updates

Title: Tell me how to be Author:Patel, Neel
Tell me how to be
Patel, Neel
Title: How not to fall in love Author:Firkins, Jacqueline
How not to fall in love
Firkins, Jacqueline
Title: Fly by night Author:O'Connor, Tara
Fly by night
O'Connor, Tara
Title: Here's to us Author:Albertalli, Becky
Here's to us
Albertalli, Becky
Title: Gamma flight Author:Ewing, Al
Gamma flight
Ewing, Al
Title: Junkwraith Author:Richey, Ellinor
Richey, Ellinor
Title: The maid Author:Prose, Nita
The maid
Prose, Nita
Title: Hard work pays off Author:Fraser, Mat
Hard work pays off
Fraser, Mat
Title: Invisible : a novel Author:Steel, Danielle
Invisible : a novel
Steel, Danielle
Title: Arctic Sea Author:Poyer, David
Arctic Sea
Poyer, David
Title: The ballerinas : a novel Author:Kapelke-Dale, Rachel
The ballerinas : a novel
Kapelke-Dale, Rachel
Title: Fiona and Jane Author:Ho, Jean Chen
Fiona and Jane
Ho, Jean Chen
Title: The women I love Author:Pacifico, Francesco
The women I love
Pacifico, Francesco
Title: Fungirl Author:Pich, Elizabeth
Pich, Elizabeth
Title: Rewild Author:Grayson, Devin K
Grayson, Devin K
Title: The patchwork girls Author:Everest, Elaine
The patchwork girls
Everest, Elaine
Title: Coma Author:Slattery, Zara
Slattery, Zara
Title: Dark night : a mystery Author:Shelton, Paige
Dark night : a mystery
Shelton, Paige
Title: The last gift Author:Gurnah, Abdulrazak
The last gift
Gurnah, Abdulrazak
Title: Hello, transcriber Author:Morrissey, Hannah
Hello, transcriber
Morrissey, Hannah
Title: Unlocked Author:Scalzi, John
Scalzi, John
Title: A deepness in the sky Author:Vinge, Vernor
A deepness in the sky
Vinge, Vernor
Title: Abandon me : memoirs Author:Febos, Melissa
Abandon me : memoirs
Febos, Melissa
Title: Proposing mischief Author:Jennings, Regina
Proposing mischief
Jennings, Regina
Title: Crime syndicate Author:Schmidt, Andy
Crime syndicate
Schmidt, Andy
Title: The ivory key Author:Raman, Akshaya
The ivory key
Raman, Akshaya
Title: Akata woman Author:Okorafor, Nnedi
Akata woman
Okorafor, Nnedi
Title: The horsewoman : a novel Author:Patterson, James
The horsewoman : a novel
Patterson, James
Title: To paradise Author:Yanagihara, Hanya
To paradise
Yanagihara, Hanya
Title: You've reached Sam Author:Thao, Dustin
You've reached Sam
Thao, Dustin
Title: Deep house Author:King, Thomas
Deep house
King, Thomas
Title: Wahala : a novel Author:May, Nikki
Wahala : a novel
May, Nikki
Title: Cry wolf :a novel Author:Rosenfeldt, Hans
Cry wolf :a novel
Rosenfeldt, Hans
Title: Hearing Lies. Author:Smit, Olivia
Hearing Lies.
Smit, Olivia
Title: Iron Annie Author:Cassidy, Luke
Iron Annie
Cassidy, Luke
Title: Luckenbooth Author:Fagan, Jenni
Fagan, Jenni
Title: Basilisk volume one Author:Bunn, Cullen
Basilisk volume one
Bunn, Cullen
Title: The art of sushi Author:Alarcon, Franckie
The art of sushi
Alarcon, Franckie
Title: The city of mist : stories Author:Ruiz Zaf?n, Carlos
The city of mist : stories
Ruiz Zaf?n, Carlos
Title: Snowpiercer. 3, Terminus Author:Bocquet, Olivier
Snowpiercer. 3, Terminus
Bocquet, Olivier

Pick Up Service

Library locations are now open with browsing, borrowing and computer and WiFi use available. Visits, including computer use, limited to 2 hours maximum. Masks and distancing required at all times and other health and safety measures in place. Holds can be picked up inside the Library location of your choice and self-checkout is available.:


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