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Most library services have returned, including in person Storytimes, study rooms at some locations, The Labs and toys and activities in children's areas.
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Nov 16 2020

COVID-19 Service Updates

Welcome Back! Most in person programs and services have returned to library locations:

Glanworth Branch is open for in person services. Hours remain the same.

Storytimes and other indoor programs are available. Some virtual and outdoor programs will continue. Check the Program Calendar to see programs as they are added and to register.

Children’s toys and activities are available in our children’s areas.



Title: The merciless ones Author:Forna, Namina
The merciless ones
Forna, Namina
Title: Noonday dark Author:Demers, Charles
Noonday dark
Demers, Charles
Title: July Author:Ossip, Kathleen
Ossip, Kathleen
Title: Flip the script Author:Lee, Lyla
Flip the script
Lee, Lyla
Title: Man o' war Author:McCarthy, Cory
Man o' war
McCarthy, Cory
Title: Kings of B'more Author:Thomas, R. Eric
Kings of B'more
Thomas, R. Eric
Title: Out of the blue Author:June, Jason
Out of the blue
June, Jason
Title: Private label Author:Yang, Kelly
Private label
Yang, Kelly
Title: Twice as perfect Author:Onom?, Louisa
Twice as perfect
Onom?, Louisa
Title: Deep water Author:Bamford, Emma
Deep water
Bamford, Emma
Title: Omega rules Author:Lustbader, Eric
Omega rules
Lustbader, Eric
Title: Red warning : a novel Author:Quirk, Matthew
Red warning : a novel
Quirk, Matthew
Title: Aurora : a novel Author:Koepp, David
Aurora : a novel
Koepp, David
Title: Counterfeit : a novel Author:Chen, Kirstin
Counterfeit : a novel
Chen, Kirstin
Title: Woman of light : a novel Author:Fajardo-Anstine, Kali
Woman of light : a novel
Fajardo-Anstine, Kali
Title: Never coming home Author:McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Never coming home
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Title: On Gin Lane Author:Foster, Brooke Lea
On Gin Lane
Foster, Brooke Lea
Title: These impossible things Author:El-Wardany, Salma
These impossible things
El-Wardany, Salma
Title: The patient : a novel Author:Shemilt, Jane
The patient : a novel
Shemilt, Jane
Title: Renovated to death Author:Polito, Frank Anthony
Renovated to death
Polito, Frank Anthony
Title: The Bride Goes Rogue. Author:Shupe, Joanna
The Bride Goes Rogue.
Shupe, Joanna
Title: How to be eaten Author:Adelmann, Maria
How to be eaten
Adelmann, Maria
Title: The queen's spy Author:Marchant, Clare
The queen's spy
Marchant, Clare
Title: An island at war Author:Carr, Deborah
An island at war
Carr, Deborah
Title: The Mozart code : a novel Author:McMillan, Rachel
The Mozart code : a novel
McMillan, Rachel
Title: Murder most grave Author:McKevett, G. A
Murder most grave
McKevett, G. A
Title: Nowhere to hide Author:Pattison, Nell
Nowhere to hide
Pattison, Nell
Title: The sweet life Author:Fisher, Suzanne Woods
The sweet life
Fisher, Suzanne Woods
Title: All fired up Author:Newton, Dylan
All fired up
Newton, Dylan
Title: At the quiet edge : a novel Author:Stone, Victoria Helen
At the quiet edge : a novel
Stone, Victoria Helen
Title: The Game Author:Kershaw, Scott
The Game
Kershaw, Scott
Title: Relative justice Author:Whitlow, Robert
Relative justice
Whitlow, Robert
Title: Going to Beautiful. Author:Bidulka, Anthony
Going to Beautiful.
Bidulka, Anthony
Title: The hourglass throne Author:Edwards, K. D
The hourglass throne
Edwards, K. D
Title: A lady for a duke Author:Hall, Alexis J
A lady for a duke
Hall, Alexis J
Title: On the rock Author:Humby, Phyllis L
On the rock
Humby, Phyllis L
Title: The pact Author:Bolton, S. J
The pact
Bolton, S. J
Title: Sleepless Author:Mumford, Louise
Mumford, Louise
Title: Metropolis : a novel Author:Shapiro, Barbara A
Metropolis : a novel
Shapiro, Barbara A
Title: Matched by Masala Author:Shroff, Mona
Matched by Masala
Shroff, Mona
Title: Rivals at Love Creek. Author:Lindo-Rice, Michelle
Rivals at Love Creek.
Lindo-Rice, Michelle
Title: Wan : a novel Author:Promislow, Dawn
Wan : a novel
Promislow, Dawn
Title: The spy switch. Author:Whiddon, Karen
The spy switch.
Whiddon, Karen
Title: Colton countdown. Author:Quinn, Tara Taylor
Colton countdown.
Quinn, Tara Taylor

Pick Up Service

Library locations are now open with browsing, borrowing and computer and WiFi use available. Visits, including computer use, limited to 2 hours maximum. Masks and distancing required at all times and other health and safety measures in place. Holds can be picked up inside the Library location of your choice and self-checkout is available.:


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