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On November 26, 2020, London Public Library marked 125 years of dedicated library service to our community and celebrated by permanently ending the practice of charging overdue fines!

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DECEMBER 21 UPDATE: Due to an amazing response, there are very few Activity Kits remaining.

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Nov 16 2020

COVID-19 Service Updates

Welcome Back! Most in person programs and services have returned to library locations:

Glanworth Branch is open for in person services. Hours remain the same.

Storytimes and other indoor programs are available. Some virtual and outdoor programs will continue. Check the Program Calendar to see programs as they are added and to register.

Children’s toys and activities are available in our children’s areas.



Title: Titans united Author:Scott, Cavan
Titans united
Scott, Cavan
Title: Decoding Dot Grey Author:Davison, Nicola
Decoding Dot Grey
Davison, Nicola
Title: River mermaid Author:Goerzen, Christy
River mermaid
Goerzen, Christy
Title: Seeing strangers Author:Plata, Sebastian J
Seeing strangers
Plata, Sebastian J
Title: The orchard Author:Lewis, Beverly
The orchard
Lewis, Beverly
Title: The age of innocence Author:Wharton, Edith
The age of innocence
Wharton, Edith
Title: The Whittiers : a novel Author:Steel, Danielle
The Whittiers : a novel
Steel, Danielle
Title: One Christmas night. Author:Bennett, Jules
One Christmas night.
Bennett, Jules
Title: Billionaire makeover. Author:Garbera, Katherine
Billionaire makeover.
Garbera, Katherine
Title: Work-love balance Author:Night, Nicki
Work-love balance
Night, Nicki
Title: Most eligible cowboy. Author:Kennedy, Stacey
Most eligible cowboy.
Kennedy, Stacey
Title: Dark ages Author:Taylor, Tom
Dark ages
Taylor, Tom
Title: Saha : a novel Author:Cho, Nam-ju
Saha : a novel
Cho, Nam-ju
Title: An Italian girl in Brooklyn Author:Montefiore, Santa
An Italian girl in Brooklyn
Montefiore, Santa
Title: Counterfeit courtship. Author:Williams, Synithia
Counterfeit courtship.
Williams, Synithia
Title: Their Texas Christmas match. Author:Thacker, Cathy Gillen
Their Texas Christmas match.
Thacker, Cathy Gillen
Title: The lies we tell Author:Zhao, Katie
The lies we tell
Zhao, Katie
Title: Cursed Author:Meyer, Marissa
Meyer, Marissa
Title: Building 46 Author:Hayoun, Massoud
Building 46
Hayoun, Massoud
Title: The last hero : a novel Author:Lewis, Linden A
The last hero : a novel
Lewis, Linden A
Title: Before I let go Author:Ryan, Kennedy
Before I let go
Ryan, Kennedy
Title: Lonely castle in the mirror Author:Tsujimura, Mizuki
Lonely castle in the mirror
Tsujimura, Mizuki
Title: Better than fiction Author:Martin, Alexa
Better than fiction
Martin, Alexa
Title: M?g?diz Author:Calder?n, Gabe
Calder?n, Gabe
Title: The joy of quitting Author:Roberts, Keiler
The joy of quitting
Roberts, Keiler
Title: The sleepless Author:Manibo, Victor
The sleepless
Manibo, Victor
Title: A postcard from Paris Author:Brown, Alexandra
A postcard from Paris
Brown, Alexandra
Title: A postcard from Capri Author:Brown, Alexandra
A postcard from Capri
Brown, Alexandra
Title: Always never Author:Lafebre, Jordi
Always never
Lafebre, Jordi
Title: The blood tide Author:Lancaster, Neil
The blood tide
Lancaster, Neil
Title: Empire of exiles Author:Evans, Erin
Empire of exiles
Evans, Erin
Title: The Christmas murder game Author:Benedict, Alexandra
The Christmas murder game
Benedict, Alexandra
Title: Sinister graves Author:Rendon, Marcie R
Sinister graves
Rendon, Marcie R
Title: Big Ethel energy. 1 Author:Ahmed, Keryl Brown
Big Ethel energy. 1
Ahmed, Keryl Brown
Title: Space trash. Volume 1 Author:Woodall, Jenn
Space trash. Volume 1
Woodall, Jenn
Title: A feeling of home Author:Mason, Susan Anne
A feeling of home
Mason, Susan Anne
Title: The plague Author:Camus, Albert
The plague
Camus, Albert
Title: The stories we tell Author:Gaines, Joanna
The stories we tell
Gaines, Joanna
Title: The secrets we keep Author:Gustafson, Cassie
The secrets we keep
Gustafson, Cassie
Title: Thieves Author:Bryon, Lucie
Bryon, Lucie
Title: Foster Author:Keegan, Claire
Keegan, Claire
Title: A light in the flame Author:Armentrout, Jennifer L
A light in the flame
Armentrout, Jennifer L
Title: Novelist as a vocation Author:Murakami, Haruki
Novelist as a vocation
Murakami, Haruki
Title: Black Internet effect Author:Charles, Shavone
Black Internet effect
Charles, Shavone
Title: The last party Author:Mackintosh, Clare
The last party
Mackintosh, Clare
Title: Murder at Black Oaks Author:Margolin, Phillip
Murder at Black Oaks
Margolin, Phillip
Title: The perfect assassin Author:Patterson, James
The perfect assassin
Patterson, James
Title: The killing god Author:Donaldson, Stephen R
The killing god
Donaldson, Stephen R
Title: The lemon Author:Boyd, S. E
The lemon
Boyd, S. E
Title: Paperback Jack Author:Estleman, Loren D
Paperback Jack
Estleman, Loren D
Title: The hero of this book : a novel Author:McCracken, Elizabeth
The hero of this book : a novel
McCracken, Elizabeth
Title: Peril in Paris Author:Bowen, Rhys
Peril in Paris
Bowen, Rhys
Title: Cat & mouse Author:Arlidge, M. J
Cat & mouse
Arlidge, M. J
Title: Black paradox Author:It?, Junji
Black paradox
It?, Junji
Title: Where black stars rise Author:Shammas, Nadia
Where black stars rise
Shammas, Nadia
Title: Banksy : a graphic novel Author:Matteuzzi, Francesco
Banksy : a graphic novel
Matteuzzi, Francesco
Title: Mochi's Pugpyhood Author:Gene, Gemma
Mochi's Pugpyhood
Gene, Gemma
Title: You are home Author:Chetwynd, Catana
You are home
Chetwynd, Catana
Title: The lost century Author:Lai, Larissa
The lost century
Lai, Larissa
Title: Blindspace Author:Szal, Jeremy
Szal, Jeremy
Title: Just between friends Author:Nixon, Rosie
Just between friends
Nixon, Rosie
Title: It's so magic Author:Barry, Lynda
It's so magic
Barry, Lynda

Pick Up Service

Library locations are now open with browsing, borrowing and computer and WiFi use available. Visits, including computer use, limited to 2 hours maximum. Masks and distancing required at all times and other health and safety measures in place. Holds can be picked up inside the Library location of your choice and self-checkout is available.:


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