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COVID-19 Service Updates

Welcome Back! Most in person programs and services have returned to library locations:

Glanworth Branch is open for in person services. Hours remain the same.

Storytimes and other indoor programs are available. Some virtual and outdoor programs will continue. Check the Program Calendar to see programs as they are added and to register.

Children’s toys and activities are available in our children’s areas.



Title: Community board Author:Conklin, Tara
Community board
Conklin, Tara
Title: The rose villa Author:Fleming, Leah
The rose villa
Fleming, Leah
Title: The secret heir Author:Day, Zuri
The secret heir
Day, Zuri
Title: The god of endings Author:Holland, Jacqueline
The god of endings
Holland, Jacqueline
Title: Resolute aim. Author:Marshman Leslie
Resolute aim.
Marshman Leslie
Title: Shot in the dark Author:Helm, Nicole
Shot in the dark
Helm, Nicole
Title: Set up in the city. Author:Daniels, B. J
Set up in the city.
Daniels, B. J
Title: Cold Case Sheriff Author:Quinn, Tara Taylor
Cold Case Sheriff
Quinn, Tara Taylor
Title: Didi's demise Author:Glen, Andrew
Didi's demise
Glen, Andrew
Title: Her K-9 protector. Author:Van Meter, Kimberly
Her K-9 protector.
Van Meter, Kimberly
Title: Making a marriage deal Author:Sasson, Sophia
Making a marriage deal
Sasson, Sophia
Title: River spirit : a novel Author:Aboulela, Leila
River spirit : a novel
Aboulela, Leila
Title: Twisted hate Author:Huang, Ana
Twisted hate
Huang, Ana
Title: Twisted games Author:Huang, Ana
Twisted games
Huang, Ana
Title: Rogue Author:Kennedy, Elle
Kennedy, Elle
Title: Misfit Author:Kennedy, Elle
Kennedy, Elle
Title: The dark flood Author:Meyer, Deon
The dark flood
Meyer, Deon
Title: Where darkness blooms Author:Hannah, Andrea
Where darkness blooms
Hannah, Andrea
Title: The neighbor favor Author:Forest, Kristina
The neighbor favor
Forest, Kristina
Title: Hex appeal Author:Johnson, Kate
Hex appeal
Johnson, Kate
Title: Emperor of ruin Author:Wexler, Django
Emperor of ruin
Wexler, Django
Title: The faithless Author:Clark, C. L
The faithless
Clark, C. L
Title: Don't fear the reaper Author:Jones, Stephen Graham
Don't fear the reaper
Jones, Stephen Graham
Title: Deep fake Author:Larsen, Ward
Deep fake
Larsen, Ward
Title: A death in Denmark Author:Malladi, Amulya
A death in Denmark
Malladi, Amulya
Title: Little housewolf Author:Purdham, Medrie
Little housewolf
Purdham, Medrie
Title: See them run. Author:Todd, Marion
See them run.
Todd, Marion
Title: The Portrait of a Duchess. Author:Peckham, Scarlett
The Portrait of a Duchess.
Peckham, Scarlett
Title: A tempest at sea Author:Thomas, Sherry
A tempest at sea
Thomas, Sherry
Title: A novel proposal Author:Hunter, Denise
A novel proposal
Hunter, Denise
Title: Last seen in Lapaz Author:Quartey, Kwei
Last seen in Lapaz
Quartey, Kwei
Title: Just a mother Author:Jacobsen, Roy
Just a mother
Jacobsen, Roy
Title: Woman, eat me whole : poems Author:Diaka, Ama Asantewa
Woman, eat me whole : poems
Diaka, Ama Asantewa
Title: il virus Author:Ne?akov, Lillian
il virus
Ne?akov, Lillian
Title: Antonyms for daughter Author:Boychuk, Jenny
Antonyms for daughter
Boychuk, Jenny
Title: The devil in her bed. Author:Byrne, Kerrigan
The devil in her bed.
Byrne, Kerrigan
Title: Lovely girls Author:Hunt, Margot
Lovely girls
Hunt, Margot
Title: The good luck cafe Author:Rains, Annie
The good luck cafe
Rains, Annie
Title: The devil stone Author:Ramsay, Caro
The devil stone
Ramsay, Caro
Title: The hands Author:Gervais, C. H
The hands
Gervais, C. H
Title: Grappling hook Author:Tsiang, Sarah
Grappling hook
Tsiang, Sarah
Title: Orion sweeping Author:Todkill, Anne Marie
Orion sweeping
Todkill, Anne Marie
Title: Cane / fire : Poems Author:Mootoo, Shani
Cane / fire : Poems
Mootoo, Shani
Title: Yankee mission Author:Stockwin, Julian
Yankee mission
Stockwin, Julian
Title: When in Rome : a novel Author:Callanan, Liam
When in Rome : a novel
Callanan, Liam
Title: The schoolhouse Author:Ward, Sophie
The schoolhouse
Ward, Sophie
Title: Red queen Author:G?mez-Jurado, Juan
Red queen
G?mez-Jurado, Juan
Title: Her deadly game Author:Dugoni, Robert
Her deadly game
Dugoni, Robert
Title: Arca Author:Macallister, Greer
Macallister, Greer
Title: Lemon curd killer Author:Childs, Laura
Lemon curd killer
Childs, Laura
Title: The last beekeeper Author:Dalton, Julie Carrick
The last beekeeper
Dalton, Julie Carrick
Title: Good dog, bad cop Author:Rosenfelt, David
Good dog, bad cop
Rosenfelt, David
Title: Confidence : a novel Author:Frumkin, Rafael
Confidence : a novel
Frumkin, Rafael
Title: The last Russian doll Author:Loesch, Kristen
The last Russian doll
Loesch, Kristen
Title: The donut legion Author:Lansdale, Joe R
The donut legion
Lansdale, Joe R
Title: The dog of the north Author:McKenzie, Elizabeth
The dog of the north
McKenzie, Elizabeth
Title: Daughters of Nantucket Author:Gerstenblatt, Julie
Daughters of Nantucket
Gerstenblatt, Julie
Title: Atomic family : a novel Author:McElroy, Ciera Horton
Atomic family : a novel
McElroy, Ciera Horton
Title: He said he would be late Author:Sullivan, Justine
He said he would be late
Sullivan, Justine
Title: The fake : a novel Author:Whittall, Zoe
The fake : a novel
Whittall, Zoe
Title: Countdown Author:Patterson, James
Patterson, James
Title: The jump Author:Morris, Brittney
The jump
Morris, Brittney
Title: Greymist fair Author:Zappia, Francesca
Greymist fair
Zappia, Francesca
Title: Three drops of blood Author:McNeil, Gretchen
Three drops of blood
McNeil, Gretchen
Title: Ravensong Author:Fay, Cayla
Fay, Cayla
Title: Enter the body Author:McCullough, Joy
Enter the body
McCullough, Joy
Title: Different for boys Author:Ness, Patrick
Different for boys
Ness, Patrick
Title: Bash! 1 Author:Gobert, Rudy
Bash! 1
Gobert, Rudy
Title: Midnight strikes Author:Shahnaz, Zeba
Midnight strikes
Shahnaz, Zeba
Title: The last Saxon king Author:Varga, Andrew
The last Saxon king
Varga, Andrew
Title: Dear Medusa Author:Cole, Olivia A
Dear Medusa
Cole, Olivia A
Title: Hands down Author:Francis, Felix
Hands down
Francis, Felix
Title: Whistleblower Author:Marchant, Kate
Marchant, Kate
Title: How to win a breakup Author:Heron, Farah
How to win a breakup
Heron, Farah
Title: Big sky falling Author:Andrews, Kelsey
Big sky falling
Andrews, Kelsey

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