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Children's Book Review

A Wrinkle in Time

book cover of A Wrinkle in Time graphic novelbook cover of A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

This story focuses on Meg Murry, who is having a hard time with not only being a teen, but also missing her dad, who is away for work but actually missing.

The Nest by Kenneth Oppel

Book Cover Image of The NestSteven's baby brother is sick, and while his whole family is worried, Steven is having dreams about an eerie winged creature who promises to help. At first he thinks the creature might be an angel, but as her behaviour becomes more alarming -- and the unusual wasp nest on Steven's house grows larger

Silver Birch Review: The Dead Kid Detective Agency

Book Cover Image:  The Dead Kid Detective Agency

“October Schwartz is not dead,” though she’s pale enough to look like she might be, and she does spend a lot of time hanging out in her local cemetery. In fact, she spends so much time alone in the cemetery, daydreaming of zombies, that she finds herself responsible for the raising of five dead teenagers who reluctantly agree to hang out with her despite the fact that she is not, in fact, dead.

Silver Birch Express Review: Dalen and Gole

Book Cover ImageSomething seems suspicious when Dalen and Gole are beaten at the finish line in the last few seconds of the Junior Jet Race.  What was the strange purple smoke coming from the champion's racer?  As the friends investigate they discover

Marty McGuire - by Kate Messner

Book Cover Image

Marty McGuire believed her teacher when she said that third grade would be even more fun than second grade, but she's not fooled anymore!

A pet for Petunia - Paul Schmid

Book Cover ImagePetunia so desperately wants a pet skunk that she refuses to believe her parents when they say that skunks stink, but she soon learns that sometimes it is okay to settle for the stuffed-animal version instead.

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Squish: Super Amoeba - by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

Book Cover Image

Young Squish the amoeba loves comic books and Twinkies and, alongside his single-celled pals Pod and Peggy, does his best to survive the school day without being eaten by bullies who literally want to swallow him whole. This 1st book in a new series by the creators of Babymouse, is a fun, quick read about the daily adventures of Squish and his friends, from detention with Principal Planaria to getting a new pet slime mold and more.

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Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf - by Judy Sierra

Book Cover ImageSomewhat mellowed by age, Big Bad Wolf (aka "B.B.") has retired to the Villain Villa Senior Center. When he's invited to attend a Storybook Tea at the local library, B.B. gets a crash course in proper behavior from a friend and even makes up a little ditty to help himself remember: "Sip your tea and never slurp, / Say 'excuse me' if you burp."

The New Girl...and Me - by Jacqui Robbins

Book Cover ImageIn this straightforward yet touching story, shy Mia is intrigued when a new student, Shakeeta, introduces herself to the class by blurting out, "I have an iguana." But Mia hangs back and lets the other girls show Shakeeta around, only daring to talk to the new girl when both of them are excluded from a soccer game at recess. The two become friends in a realistic way.

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