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Children's Book Review

Little White Rabbit - by Kevin Henkes

Book Cover ImageAs he hops along, an imaginative little rabbit wonders what it would be like to be as green as grass, as tall as a fir tree, as still as a rock, or to be able to flutter through the air like a butterfly.  This delightful picture book makes a great spring read.

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Operation Yes - by Sara Holmes

Book Cover ImageThe kids in Miss Loupe's sixth-grade class (on a North Carolina military base) can tell right away that she is unusual. Honestly, have you ever had a teacher bring a big, ugly couch into a classroom...and start talking to it?!? But once they get to know her and learn a little bit about improvisational theater in the process, they can't imagine having any other teacher. Later, when Miss Loupe's brother (a soldier) goes missing, she breaks down--and the class bands together to show their support.

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The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

Book Cover ImageFour lucky kids have been chosen as contestants in a competition to create the tastiest new confection in the country: Logan, son of the Life is Sweet factory's Candymaker; Miles, who's allergic to everything from merry-go-rounds to pancakes; Daisy, an unusually strong girl who arrives at the factory on horseback; and Philip, who is super-competitive and quite secretive. When the factory's secret ingredient is stolen, the four of them--one of whom may be a spy--work together to try to save the sweets (and the day).

The Brimstone Key by Derek Benz and J. S. Lewis

Book Cover ImageHaving achieved numerous successes including saving the world from the evil fairy Oberon, the Grey Griffins reopen Iron Bridge Academy to help train young recruits. What they don't count on is a nasty plot to dissolve the boundary between the human and fairy worlds.

Tyrannosaurus Math by Michelle Markel

Book Cover ImageFrom the moment he hatches, young Tyrannosaurus Math ("T-Math" for short) counts everything: his own claws and toes, his brothers and sisters, his teeth, and more.

The Red Blazer Girls: The Vanishing Violin - by Michael D. Beil

Book Cover ImageSince they cracked their 1st case in The Ring of Rocamadour, The Red Blazer Girls have developed quite a reputation as super-sleuths. Now they've got a whole slew of mysteries to unravel, from locating a missing violin to identifying the person who's sneaking in and tidying their all-girl school, St. Veronica's, at night. If you like upbeat, present-day mysteries with puzzles to solve and codes to crack--such as Blue Balliett's Chasing Vermeer--don't miss this funny, adventurous, and fast-paced read.

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Bones: skeletons and how they work by Steve Jenkins

Book Cover ImageEveryone knows that skeletons make excellent Halloween costumes, but do you know how many bones there really are in the human body?  To find out the answer to that question and learn many more interesting facts about skeletons, check out Bones: skeletons and how they work, by Steve Jenkins.

Green crafts : become an Earth-friendly craft star, step by easy step!

Book Cover Imageby Megan Friday

If you are looking for some fun craft ideas, check out these easy-to-follow, environmentally-conscious craft projects. You'll learn how to make decorative reusable water bottles, newspaper picture frames, and bottle cap magnets.

Zoomer by Ned Young

Book Cover ImageWhile Mom is away, Dad works hard to ready his pups for school, but Zoomer’s wild imagination has him far too busy to cooperate, and the surprise ending proves Zoomer knows best after all.

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Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum - by Meghan McCarthy

Book Cover ImageIn the late 1920s, Walter Diemer was an accountant at the struggling Fleer candy company, where scientists were trying (and failing) to invent the world's first bubble gum. Intrigued by what was happening in the lab next to his office, Diemer began to tinker with the formula himself.