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All about Research Pro

What is Research Pro?

The Library subscribes to many information databases which contain magazine , academic journal and newspaper articles, and in some cases, encyclopedia articles. These are all reputable articles which have gone through an editorial process and in most cases were published in print as well.

Research Pro
is a tool that allows you to search many different information databases at the same time, with one search. It gives you a sample set of results from these information databases. Looking at the results, you can determine which information database(s) provides you with the best results for your particular search. Click on the information database name to get results for a specific database. Click on one of the titles in the results list and go into the database itself to see the article. There, you can also search within the specific information database for further results that might be of interest.

When should I use Research Pro?

When you don’t know which information database to use, Research Pro is a great discovery tool to help you find the best information database for your search. The search functionality is not as rich as for individual information databases and it is not intended to replace the complete in depth search that an individual information database is capable of. It can be great first step in your search.

How do I get to Research Pro?

There are two ways. You can click on “Magazine and Newspaper Articles” under My Research on the website or click on the link from the front of the Catalogue page.

Are all the information databases that London Public Library offers searchable through Research Pro?

We are able to provide a selection of popular information databases to search through Research Pro. Due to licensing agreements and different search capabilities, we are unable to offer the ability to search all our information databases with Research Pro. To make it easier to use, we have put together groupings of similar databases that can be searched concurrently. You may select as many or a few of these groupings as you wish based on your unique search requirements.

What’s the best way to search Research Pro?

Unlike searching the Internet, Research Pro performs phrase searches (e.g.”climate change” as one phrase). If you wish to search for both “climate” and “change”, you need to add the word “and” (e.g. climate and change) to your search string. You can use boolean operators (and, or, not) for your search.

As another example, if you are looking for articles about Obama and the economic bailout you need to search Obama and economic and bailout (instead of typing in Obama economic bailout). If you type two words side-by-side without using the word “and” in between those words, some databases will only show results when those two words are side by side in the article.

There are other boolean operators you could use. To help you set up your search, click on the advanced search button on the front of the Research Pro page. It has easy-to-use fill in the blank boxes.

How can I find an entire “full text” article, not just a citation or abstract of an article?

Currently, it is not possible to search only full text articles in Research Pro. Your search results list will include both full text and citations. However, each individual database does allow you to narrow your search to full text and/or provides you with information to determine if full text is available. Since each information database comes from a different vendor or company, each operates slightly differently. The best thing to do is to use Research Pro to get a better idea of which database is best for your needs and then to search that database directly to find only full text articles.