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Biography in Context Database

Discover the Biography in Context Database

Biography in Context home Page image

  • Browse a list of names of individuals by occupation, nationality or ethnicity such as African-Americans or social reformers
  • Enjoy learning about the life and background of famous figures, including Martin Luther King, Jr. or Governor General Michaelle Jean
  • Find up-to-date magazine and newspaper articles on figures in the news, for example: Barack Obama
  • Search for individuals’ names using a combination of factors such as African-American Nobel Prize winners
  • Find a list of the writings of an author such as Maya Angelou or Alice Walker
  • Look for names of individuals who fit a specific set of criteria; for example, a search for Canadian African-American musicians yields the names of Oscar Peterson and Nathaniel R. Dett
  • Check for the names of famous people who share your birth year or place of birth
  • Find a listing of the works of musicians, composers, and film directors such as Heavy D, Jamie Fox, Queen Latifah and Spike Lee
  • Research in depth your favorite celebrity including access to full-text biographical essays, magazine articles, photos and website


What's a database? It looks a regular website to me.A database is a collection of thousands of magazine, academic journal and newspaper articles that are not available on the "regular" Internet. The Library buys memberships to these sites so you can have access to this information.

Why should I use a database? I can find this info on the web with a google search.Mmmm.... most of these articles aren't available on the "regular" Internet and you may find some info on the web after you've combed through 200, 000 search results. But the information in these articles has been checked for accuracy. Database articles are ideal for health research ... or any kind of research. They provide a reliable source of information. After all, no one is checking the "regular" Internet to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date!

Okay, you've convinced me. How do I visit the Biography in Context database?It's easy. Have your library card ready and click on this link. If you're outside of the library, you'll be asked to type in your library card. A Knowledge Ontario screen will appear - simply click on proceed. Sure, it may take 15 seconds longer than getting to google initially but the quality of the information you get and the more accurate search results make searching faster than google once you get there.

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