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Ebsco Host - includes Canadian Reference Centre, Masterfile Premiere, Primary Search and more.

If you’re looking for product evaluations and ratings Consumer Reports issues are available. Keep up with your favourite entertainment and sports celebrities with news and interviews. Articles on historical topics and contemporary world issues are enhanced with biographies, early photographs and drawings, government documents and maps and graphs.

About the database

Ebsco Host database provides access to 2 databases ( MasterFILE Premier and Canadian Reference Centre) which contain information from over 2500 U.S. magazines and a selection of Canadian publications and reference books, such as,

  • Consumer Reports
  • People
  • Psychology Today
  • Saturday Evening Post
  • T he Nation

Information Specifics

  • Book reviews
  • Product evaluations
  • Film criticism
  • World news and discussions
  • Biographies
  • Celebrities (news and reviews)
  • Historic photos


Special Features

  • Text translation of articles in over two dozen languages
  • Interactive voice reading of articles (English only)
  • Image collection provides: historic photos, maps, graphs, world flags