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Inter Library Loan Frequently Asked Questions


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Interlibrary Loan Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to fulfill a request?
This varies depending on the availability of the requested item.  Items can take 4-6 weeks to arrive.
How can I sign up?
You must first have a valid library London Public Library card.   To register, fill out our Self Serve Interlibrary Registration Form.
Where do I log on to the self serve interlibrary loan system?
Click HERE to sign in with a User ID (your library card number with no spaces), password (given to you by our interlibrary loan staff, and Authentication Service (London Public Library).  Remember, you must registered for interlibrary loan self service prior to making your own interlibrary loan request. 
How do I use the self serve interlibrary loan system?
You can find instructions using the interlibrary loan service HERE.
What if I don’t find what I am looking for in the INFO system?
Check the spelling of the information you have given.  Have you tried all of the different profiles?   If you still have not found what you are looking for, there is a Create Request section on the left hand side of the screen.  Enter title, author and as much other information as possible, if you have no other information tell us where you found the title and author.
How can I monitor the progress of my requests?
You can view the status of your request by looking at My Requests on the side-bar of the page to know when it has been processed, shipped, and received. Remember received does not mean the item is available to be picked up.   Please wait until you are notified by London Public Library.  
How will I be notified that my material is available?
When the interlibrary loan has arrived a hold will be placed on your card and you will be notified the same way you receive notifications for London Public Library items.  Your phone number and email address can be updated through the My Account option on the London Public Library website.
What if I cannot pick up my book before the hold expires?
If you are unable to pick up their materials within the hold period, you must contact the Pickup location at 519-661-4600 before your hold expires to request an extension.  The item will be returned to the owning library the day after your hold expires.
How do I renew a borrowed item?
If the interlibrary loan has a green flasher/sleeve/band, you can renew the book the same way you renew other London Public Library items.  Due dates are subject to loaning library’s policies.
How am I notified if an interlibrary loan is cancelled?

If using the Self Serve interlibrary loan you can look at My Requests on the side bar of the page.  If in the title are it says, *See Requests notes hit the word Details in blue to the right of the screen.  Here is where you can see that your request has been cancelled and the reason why.

If you are not using the Self Serve interlibrary loan service a message will be placed on your library record when an interlibrary loan has been cancelled with the reason it was cancelled.  You can find out the reason when you sign out books at the circulation desk or you can call the library at (519)-661-5100 ext 5112 (Mon-Fri 9-5pm). After hours, please call (519)-551-5131.

How much does it cost to borrow items from other libraries?
The costs of shipping and other library’s fees are not passed on to you.
How long can I have an ILLO item?
Loan periods vary in length depending on the loaning library, but ILLO materials can usually be borrowed for 3 weeks.   Some interlibrary loan items must be used in the library.
How many ILLO items can I have at a time?
If you are using the Self Serve you can only have 10 ILLO items active at the same time.  Your interlibrary loan items are included in your London Public Library limit.
What can’t be borrowed?
  • Any material that London Public Library has even if it is reference, or signed out with many holds on it.  
  • Books that are published within the past 12 months.
  • Reference material (directories, encyclopedias, etc.);
  • electronic resources (e-books or e-magazines (including articles from e-magazines)
  • Audio visual materials except National Film board items.
  • Regular print items if we have the large print available.
I just got a new library card and I can no longer get into my ILLO account.
If you get a new library card, you must be re-registered for a new interlibrary loan account.  Your interlibrary loans that you currently have ordered will still go to you when they come in.  With the new account you will no longer be able to monitor the existing requests.  Please do not submit a new request for them.
What happens if I forget my password?
Contact the interlibrary loan staff at
Please give your name and library barcode number and we will reset your password.  When we have reset your password, we will send you an email with your new password.
If your question has not been answered, you may contact the staff at:
Telephone: 519-661-5100 Ext. 5112; Email: