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Cleaning and Organizing

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Knock out dirt and clutter for good
These 10 apps are great offerings for those that need a bit of motivation clearning up or some extral help organizing a cleaning to-do list. Compatible with iPhone. Free or up to $3.99 depending on selected app. For iPhone.


Hints and tips on everything around the home and garden including home security and safety, utilities and personal finance. ‘Household and Cleaning’ has pages for stain removal, pet care, emergency preparedness and closet organization. Sign up for a free newsletter or join a Question & Answer forum.

Household Products Database
A site for identifying the chemical content (and potential hazardous health effects) of products used around your home. “Find a product” organizes the site into categories including Inside the Home, Landscape/Yard, Arts & Crafts and even Pet Care.

Less Toxic Household Cleaning Products
This site contains information on toxins in common cleaning products and their potential hazards. It suggests less toxic and scent-free commercial products and also provides ‘recipes’ for mixing your own, less environmentally damaging cleaning products. Presented by the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia.