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Gardening and Landscaping

At the Library



Grow Your Own
The Grow Your Own app by the Royal Horticultural Society assists gardeners on choosing plants based on space, time available for gardening and your level of expertise. This UK based app is especially designed for the novice gardener to help you grow 20 very popular fruits and vegetables. Free and compatible with iPhone.


RBdigital eMagazines

With RBdigital you have access to dozens of popular and specialty magazines to view on your computer, smartphone or tablet



In My Community

Friends of the Coves Subwatershed Inc.
The Friends of the Coves believe that the quality of life in our community is enhanced through the protection, conservation and wise stewardship of the Coves Subwatershed. Find out about their many projects as well as helpful hints, programs and services for greening your garden.

London Orchid Society
This active society was formed in 1976 to promote the cultivation of orchids. The society holds monthly meetings and has an annual show in the spring.

London-Middlesex Master Gardeners
This local group of the Ontario Masters Gardeners Inc. provides gardening and recipe information on their website. They also offer a Gardeners telephone helpline service.



Composting Council of Canada
This national non-profit organization provides a great site for discovering and learning about composting as well as providing news and education initiatives on composting and building a sustainable environment.
Join this free online community which provides information and photographs for herbs, vegetables, annuals, perrenials and bulbs. Also includes seasonal garden care information and techniques.

Seeds of Diversity Canada
A non-profit group of Canadian gardeners who save seeds from rare and unusual garden plants for the purpose of preserving the varieties.

USDA Plants Database
From the United States Department of Agriculture, this website provides information and photos on the plants of North America.