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New EBooks - Text Listing

Izzy's tail of trouble . Adderson, Caroline

Midnight on the Marne : a novel. Adlakha, Sarah

Illegally yours : a memoir. Agustin, Rafael

Amira & Hamza : the quest for the ring of power. Ahme, Samira

Each night was illuminated . Anderson, Jodi Lynn

Blood of Troy . Andrews, Claire M

The book haters' book club : a novel. Anthony, Gretchen

Odder . Applegate, Katherine

The American roommate experiment : a novel. Armas, Elena

A shadow in the ember Armentrout, Jennifer L

Sacred nature : restoring our ancient bond with the natural world. Armstrong, Karen

Blame it on the earl . Ashford, Jane

Strangers to ourselves : unsettled minds and the stories that make us. Aviv, Rachel

The king of kindergarten . Barnes, Derrick D

The final gambit . Barnes, Jennifer

Maya and the lord of shadows . Barron, Rena

The vanquishers . Bayron, Kalynn

Small town, big magic . Beck, Hazel

A minor chorus : a novel. Belcourt, Billy-Ray

From the shadows . Benn, James R

Peg and Rose solve a murder . Berenson, Laurien

Monsters born and made . Berwah, Tanvi

Blood orange night : my journey to the edge of madness. Bond, Melissa

What's past is prologue . Bowen, Gail

Landscapes of silence : from childhood to the Arctic. Brody, Hugh

Dewey decimated . Brook, Allison

Serwa Boateng's guide to vampire hunting . Brown, Roseanne A

Speak up! . Burgess, Rebecca

The house of fortune Burton, Jessie

The epic story of every living thing . Caletti, Deb

Diamond in the rough . Calonita, Jen

The Italian ballerina . Cambron, Kristy

The house party : a novel. Cameron, Rita

People person . Carty-Williams, Candice

Ghost eaters : a novel. Chapman, Clay McLeod

Surveillance state : inside China's quest to launch a new era of social control. Chin, Josh

Three kisses, one midnight Chokshi, Roshani

Marple : twelve new mysteries. Christie, Agatha

Dinner in one : exceptional & easy one-pan meals: a cookbook. Clark, Melissa

Edge of dusk . Coble, Colleen

Welcome to the school by the sea . Colgan, Jenny

Rules at the school by the sea . Colgan, Jenny

Bookish people . Coll, Susan

A scot is not enough . Conkle, Gina

Lifesavers and body snatchers : medical care and the struggle for survival in the great war. Cook, Tim

Bitch : on the female of the species. Cooke, Lucy

Nosy Parker . Crewe, Lesley

Cults : inside the world's most notorious groups and understanding the people who joined them Cutler, Max

The complicities . D'Erasmo, Stacey

Fellowship Point : a novel. Dark, Alice Elliott

Until we break . Dawkins, Matthew

The crayons trick or treat . Daywalt, Drew

Sugar Street . Dee, Jonathan

The enigma of room 622 : a novel. Dicker, Jo

Lost and found in Paris : a novel. Dolan, Lian

The series : What I remember, what it felt like, what it feels like now. Dryden, Ken

Coven . Dugan, Jennifer

The shortest history of war : from hunter-gatherers to nuclear superpowers -- a retelling for our times. Dyer, Gwynne

Murder at the Savoy . Eldridge, Jim

Shutter . Emerson, Ramona

Fenian Street : a mystery. Emery, Anne

If I survive you . Escoffery, Jonathan

Forsaken country . Eskens, Allen

Anisa's international day . Faruqi, Reem

The chaos machine : the inside story of how social media rewired our minds and our world. Fisher, Max

Autumn bird and the runaway . Florence, Melanie

Oath of loyalty . Flynn, Vince

All of our demise . Foody, Amanda

In the city of pigs . Forget, Andr

The fixer upper . Forsythe, Lauren

One hundred Saturdays : Stella Levi and the search for a lost world. Frank, Michael

The daughter of Auschwitz : my story of resilience, survival and hope Friedman, Tova

Ben and Beatriz . Gamarra, Katalina

The ballad of never after . Garber, Stephanie

Smells like tween spirit : a novel. Gelman, Laurie

Spy school project X . Gibbs, Stuart

Stay awake : a novel. Goldin, Megan

An Amish marriage of convenience . Good, Rachel J

Belladonna Grace, Adalyn

Nether regions . Graham, Randal

I hope . Gray Smith, Monique

If Nietzsche were a narwhal : what animal intelligence reveals about human stupidity. Gregg, Justin

Drunk on love . Guillory, Jasmine

The rabbit hutch : a novel. Gunty, Tess

The secret letters . Haddix, Margaret Peterson

Wait till Helen comes . Hahn, Mary Downing

Slenderman : online obsession, mental illness, and the violent crime of two midwestern girls. Hale, Kathleen

American cartel : Inside the battle to bring down the opioid industry. Higham, Scott

Red tide at Heron Bay . Hill, Gerri

Bake : my best ever recipes for the classics. Hollywood, Paul

Maybe now : a novel. Hoover, Colleen

Shades of rust and ruin . Howard, A. G

Into the broken lands . Huff, Tanya

The case of the rigged race . Hutchinson, Michael

The fortunes of jaded women : a novel. Huynh, Carolyn

Rust in the root . Ireland, Justina

Three assassins : a novel. Isaka, K?tar?

The weight of blood . Jackson, Tiffany D

The attic child : a novel. Jaye, Lola

The cool bean presents: as cool as it gets . John, Jory

The cast stone . Johnson, Harold

Dark night in Big rock Johnstone, William W

The birdcatcher . Jones, Gayl

Amy & Lan : a novel. Jones, Sadie

The blame game : a novel. Jones, Sandie

As long as the lemon trees grow . Katouh, Zoulfa

The hunt . Kellerman, Faye

Defend the dawn . Kemmerer, Brigid

The score . Kennedy, Elle

The deal . Kennedy, Elle

The mistake . Kennedy, Elle

Good inside : a guide to becoming the parent you want to be Kennedy, Rebecca

Attack of the black rectangles . King, A. S

Back to the garden : a novel. King, Laurie R

Fairy tale . King, Stephen

In too steep Kingsbury, Kate

Firebrand : a tobacco lawyer's journey. Knelman, Joshua

What we fed to the manticore . Kolluri, Talia Lakshmi

Breaking history : a White House memoir. Kushner, Jared

The Honeys La Sala, Ryan

The missing jewels . LeBlanc, Hayley

The book of goose : a novel. Li, Yiyun

All that's left unsaid : a novel. Lien, Tracey

The dragon's promise . Lim, Elizabeth

Still alright : a memoir. Loggins, Kenny

Cold brew corpse . Lush, Tara

Prisoners of the castle : an epic story of survival and escape from Colditz, the Nazis' fortress prison. Macintyre, Ben

Mother daughter traitor spy : a novel. MacNeal, Susan Elia

Raising Lazarus : hope, justice, and the future of America's overdose crisis. Macy, Beth

Operation pineapple express . Mann, Scott

Peril at the exposition . March, Nev

Humane . Marie, Sewell Anna

The killing code . Marney, Ellie

Jessi's secret language . Martin, Ann M

The myth of normal : trauma, illness and healing in a toxic culture. Mat?, Gabor

The sugar thief : a novel. Mauro, Nancy

A place in the world : finding the meaning of home. Mayes, Frances

A song of comfortable chairs . McCall Smith, Alexander

Lessons : a novel. McEwan, Ian

Ledge . McEwan, Stacey

Tear . McKeen, Erica

Self-made boys . McLemore, Anna-Marie

Nothing more to tell . McManus, Karen M

The ways we hide : a novel McMorris, Kristina

Merci Surarez plays it cool . Medina, Meg

When we were bright and beautiful : a novel. Medoff, Jillian

The stars did wander darkling Meloy, Colin

A duchess by midnight . Michaels, Charis

Sins of the daughter . Mills, Carolyn Huizinga

Best wishes . Mlynowski, Sarah

Wordslut : a feminist guide to taking back the English language. Montell, Amanda

Nona the ninth . Muir, Tamsyn

Kibogo . Mukasonga, Scholastique

What if? 2 : additional serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions. Munroe, Randall

A merry little meet cute : a novel. Murphy, Julie

A dreadful splendour : a novel. Myers, B. R

The catch me if you can : one woman's journey to every country in the world. Nabongo, Jessica

The godmother : murder, vengeance and the bloody struggle of mafia women. Nadeau, Barbie Latza

Daughters of the dawn . Nanua, Sasha

Acceptance : a memoir. Nietfeld, Emi

Truth or dare . . . the graphic novel . Night, P. J

Ithaca . North, Claire

The marriage portrait O'Farrell, Maggie

Sideways : the city google couldn't buy. O'Kane, Josh

Ghostlight . Oppel, Kenneth

The bullet that missed . Osman, Richard

What we both know : a novel. Parker, Fawn

Diary of a misfit : a memoir and a mystery. Parks, Casey

The girl in the castle . Patterson, James

Blowback . Patterson, James

The Manhattan girls : a novel of Dorothy Parker and her friends. Paul, Gill

For the love of learning : a year in the life of a school principal. Phillips, Kristin

Mapmaker . Ram?e, Lisa Moore

The foghorn echoes . Ramadan, Danny

Killers of a certain age . Raybourn, Deanna

Growing up Getty : the story of America's most unconventional dynasty. Reginato, James

Eversion . Reynolds, Alastair

Nemesis . Riches, Anthony

Desperation in death . Robb, J. D

The theory of crows : a novel. Robertson, David

Quarter to midnight . Rose, Karen

Steeped to death . Rue, Gretchen

A death in door county . Ryan, Annelise

The ghosts that haunt me : memories of a homicide detective. Ryan, Steve

The 99 boyfriends of Micah Summers . Sass, Adam

Death at the manor Schellman, Katharine

Little blue truck makes a friend . Schertle, Alice

The taste of hunger . Scott, Barbara Joan

On the rooftop : a novel Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson

Me & Issy : four seasons romance. Sharp, Rosalie Wise

Leviathan . Shiga, Jason

The second first chance : a novel. Shroff, Mona

Katie and the cupcake cure the graphic novel . Simon, Coco

All signs point to Paris : a memoir of love, loss, and destiny . Sizlo, Natasha

Winterkill Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk

Jones . Smith, Neil

The boy with the bookstore . Smith, Sarah Echavarre

Valley of the birdtail : an Indian reserve, a white town, and the road to reconciliation. Sniderman, Andrew Stobo

Francie's got a gun . Snyder, Carrie

Utopia : a novel. Sopinka, Heidi

Dreamland : a novel. Sparks, Nicholas

The most magnificent idea . Spires, Ashley

Ty's travels : winter wonderland. Starling Lyons, Kelly

The kiss curse : a novel. Sterling, Erin

Lucy by the sea : a novel. Strout, Elizabeth

I'm the girl . Summers, Courtney

Apartment 713 . Sylvester, Kevin

I survived the Wellington avalanche, 1910 . Tarshis, Lauren

The sunbearer trials . Thomas, Aiden

Angelika Frankenstein makes her match : a novel. Thorne, Sally

Dinners with Ruth : a memoir on the power of friendships. Totenberg, Nina

Murder on the vine . Trinchieri, Camilla

Island of spies . Turnage, Sheila

Jade is a twisted green . Turton, Tanya

The decoy girlfriend . Vale, Lillie

How to survive your murder . Valentine, Danielle

Red : s haida manga. Wert, Wert

The two lives of Sara : a novel. West, Catherine Adel

Making love with the land : essays. Whitehead, Joshua

Do you take this man . Williams, Denise

Scenes from my life : a memoir. Williams, Michael Kenneth

A line in the sand . Wilson, Teri

Just another love song . Winfrey, Kerry

The orphans of Mersea House : a novel. Wingate, Marty

The lost girls of Willowbrook Wiseman, Ellen Marie

Key player . Yang, Kelly

Solito : a memoir. Zamora, Javier

The Frederick sisters are living the dream : a novel. Zusy, Jeannie